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For anyone looking to save money while travelling, but who still appreciates comfort and cleanliness, hostels are an ideal choice. Their numbers have risen sharply in recent years, but by no means are all the guests under 30. Many hostels in Slovenia are part of the Hostelling International network, which gives discounts to members. During the summer holidays some student halls of residence also turn into hostels.

As elsewhere, in Slovenia too youth hostels are an ideal way to meet other travellers and to learn of their experiences. It is easy to quickly make new friends and to expand your network of acquaintances.

Hostels are aimed at all age groups, including families. They have rooms for two to four persons, and rooms for larger groups, sometimes with bunk beds or communal dormitories. Many hostels in Slovenia offer the same level of comfort as hotels of the same rating. The main difference is often that hostels do not have a restaurant, and offer just breakfast and snacks.

Some hostels have pantries where guests can make their own tea and coffee. More and more hostels are offering internet access, including WiFi.

International network

Many hostels in Slovenia are part of the Hostelling International network. Members of the association get discounts at these hostels.

Summer specials

During the summer holidays between the end of June and the end of August, a number of student halls of residence turn into tourist accommodation.

Two stand-outs

Although any of the more than 50 hostels in Slovenia would be a fine choice, there are two worthy of special mention.

Ljubljana’s Celica hostel in the lively autonomous zone of Metelkova was once a military prison used by the army of ex-Yugoslavia. More than 80 artists from inside and outside Slovenia helped in its renovation, making virtually each cell something different. The influential Lonely Planet guidebook proclaimed it the number one “hippest hostel” in the world, while Rough Guide named it among 25 unique and unusual hotels and hostels worldwide.

Situla is a hostel in Novo Mesto. It gives visitors a taste of the Hallstatt era, which was prominent long ago in the Old Iron Age around what is now Novo Mesto.

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