In Slovenia there are dozens of castles, including many that have been renovated and converted into museums and hotels. A number of castles stand on hilltops, so they are worth visiting just for the fine views. The attractiveness of Slovenia’s castles is demonstrated by the fact that four of them are among the ten most visited tourist attractions in Slovenia. Bled Castle is popular for its exceptional views of Lake Bled and the surrounding mountains, Ljubljana Castle and its viewing tower reign over the capital city, while Predjama Castle, which is built into the rock and linked to underground caverns, is quite special among the world’s castles. And after touring the Old Castle in Celje, there are still many fine castles to visit in Slovenia.
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MapBogenšperk CastleBogenšperk

MapCelje, Celje Old CastleCelje

MapGrad in Goričko, Castle (Grad)Grad

MapKamnik, Little Castle (Mali grad)Kamnik

MapKozarišče, Snežnik, CastleKozarišče

MapLjubljanski grad (Ljubljana castle)Ljubljana

MapPodsreda, CastlePodsreda

MapPtuj CastlePtuj

MapBegunje na Gorenjskem, Castle and parkBegunje na Gorenjskem

MapBizeljsko, Orešje CastleBizeljsko

MapBorl, Borl CastleDolane

MapBrežice, CastleBrežice

MapCastle GewerkeneggIdrija

MapKromberk, CastleKromberk

MapMala Loka ManorMala Loka

MapMaribor castleMaribor

MapMirna Castle - a Sleeping BeautyMirna

MapMokrice, Mokrice CastleRajec

MapMurska Sobota, CastleMurska Sobota

MapPišece, Village and CastlePišece

MapPredjama CastlePredjama

MapPrem CastlePrem

MapSevnica CastleSevnica

MapSlovenska Bistrica, CastleSlovenska Bistrica

MapSoteska ManorSoteska

MapŠkofja Loka, CastleŠkofja Loka

MapŠtanjel, CastleŠtanjel

MapŠtatenberg, Manor and GardenŠtatenberg

MapThe Kamen CastleNovo Mesto

MapTurjak CastleTurjak

MapVipolže, Villa VipolžeVipolže

MapŽužemberk CastleŽužemberk

MapCastle of Škofja LokaŠkofja Loka

MapKhislstein ManorKranj

MapRibnica CastleRibnica

MapThe Grm CastleNovo Mesto

MapThe Hmeljnik CastleDolenje Karteljevo

MapThe Novi Dvor CastleNovo Mesto

MapThe Struga CastleGumberk

MapThe Vrbovec CastleNazarje

MapDobrna castle - Kačji gradLokovina

MapRavne castleRavne na Koroškem

MapSchrottenthurn ManorKranj

MapThe Graben castleNovo Mesto

MapCastle FridrihštajnKočevje

MapCastle Lože, Lože at VipavaLože

MapCastle Old SoteskaSoteska

MapCastle RožekPodturn pri Dol.Toplicah

MapCastle Slap, Slap at VipavaSlap

MapCastle StrmolDvorje

MapCastle Švarcenštajn - GradičLaze

MapCastle TurnHrastovec

MapCastle VelenjeVelenje

MapDrnča ManorDvorska vas

MapFužine CastleLjubljana

MapGrad OtočecOtočec


MapKamen CastleBegunje na Gorenjskem

MapKostel CastleKostel

MapLendava CastleLendava

MapLipnica CastleZgornja Lipnica

Logatec Castle

MapMali gradKamnik

MapMotnik - castle hillMotnik

MapNegova CastleNegova

MapOld castle in KonjiceSlovenske Konjice

MapOplotnica manorOplotnica

MapOrmož CastleOrmož

MapPuštal's castlePuštal

MapRadece castle ruinsRadeče

MapRavne castleRavne na Koroškem

MapRuin EkenštajnVelenje

MapSpital's TowerKranj

MapStari grad (Old Castle)Kamnik

MapSvibno castle ruinsSvibno

MapŠalek CastleVelenje

MapŠrajbarsski turn CastleLeskovec pri Krškem

MapThe castle of Gornja RadgonaGornja Radgona

MapThe Castle of Komenda PolzelaPolzela

MapThe castle of MetlikaMetlika

MapThe castle of Stara Loka or Strahl's castleStara Loka

MapThe court of princes (The Lower Castle), CeljeCelje

MapThe Dobrovo CastleDobrovo

MapThe Lemberg CastleLemberg pri Novi Cerkvi

MapThe Lower castle, Pristava - manor houseRadlje ob Dravi

MapThe manor house TurnBrestanica

MapThe New Castle or Neuhaus in LokovinaLokovina

MapThe old castleRadlje ob Dravi

MapThe Old Castle / Stari gradOtočec

MapThe Socerb castleSocerb

MapTivolski grad (Tivoli mansion)Ljubljana

MapTrebnje CastleTrebnje

MapUpper tower on KranceljŠkofja Loka

MapVelika Nedelja CastleVelika Nedelja

MapVipavski Križ in Vipava ValleyVipavski Križ

MapZaprice ManorKamnik

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