Religious tourism

Slovenia boasts a very well preserved cultural heritage, a large part of which consists of churches and other religious buildings. Churches of various periods can be seen in Slovenia:

- Ancient Early Christian basilicas,
- Pre-Romanesque chapels,
- Gothic and Renaissance churches,
- Baroque and Neo-Romanesque churches,
- Modern churches.

Hilltop churches are a special feature of Slovenia. Religious communities are another important element of religious heritage. Slovenia still has more than 30 active monasteries/friaries and five active convents.

Slovenia has many pilgrimage centres where, throughout history, people have come together on specific days to fortify themselves through faith, prayer and devotional songs. Pilgrimage centres are thus places where people draw new strength. They help believers deepen their ties with God, while to non-believers they offer a wealth of historical and artistic sights of interest. The following are the most important pilgrimage centres in Slovenia:

- Brezje – the Basilica of Mary, Help of Christians contains a famous painting of the Virgin and Child by Leopold Layer of Kranj. Around 300,000 believers visit Brezje each year.

- Ptujska Gora – the most important pilgrimage route in the Štajerska region. The Gothic church with its early fifteen-century image of the Virgin Protectress with her Mantle is one of Slovenia's most beautiful churches. It receives over 60,000 visitors every year. Ptujska Gora is also a popular destination for hikers and cyclists.

- Sveta Gora above Solkan – the Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption is Slovenia's oldest pilgrim church, built in a style between Gothic and Renaissance. Besides Slovenes, this 16th-century church receives many pilgrims from Friuli and elsewhere in Italy.

Two other important pilgrim churches are Velesevo and Crngrob. Other important centres of pilgrimage are monasteries:

- Stična – Slovenia's oldest monastery (founded in 1132), home to a community of Cistercians or White Monks. Contains the largest collection of medieval manuscripts, including the fifteenth-century Stična Manuscript, one of the earliest documents written in Slovene.

- Pleterje Charterhouse – founded in the 15th century, Pleterje is the only still active Carthusian monastery in Slovenia. There is an open-air museum in front of the monastery complex.

A number of pilgrimage routes lead to these centres of pilgrimage, which are the centre of spiritual life. Well-known pilgrimage routes in Slovenia:

- The Hemma Pilgrimage Trail, named after St Hemma or Emma of Gurk. The trail continues into Austria.

- The Marian Pilgrimage Trail is also connected with Austria.

- The St Martin Trail enters Slovenia from Hungary.
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MapBasilica of Mary help of ChristiansBrezje

MapBogojina, Church of the AscensionBogojina


MapChurch of St. Nicholas (sv. Nikolaj), Provost's ChurchNovo Mesto

MapGornji Grad, Church of St. Mohor and St. FortunatusGornji Grad

MapHrastovlje, Church of the Holy TrinityHrastovlje

MapJavorca, Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit (sv. Duh)Tolmin

MapKoper (Capodistria), the Cathedral of the Assumption (Stolnica Marijinega vnebovzetja)Koper

MapPilgrimage Centre with the Church of St. Mohor and St. Fortunatus and the Church of St. PeterStahovica

MapPtujska Gora, Church of the Virgin Protectress (Marija Zaščitnica)Ptujska Gora

MapStolnica (Cerkev sv. Nikolaja) / The Cathedral (Church of St. Nicholas)Ljubljana

MapSveta Gora - Holy MountainSolkan

MapCalvary in Šmarje pri JelšahŠmarje pri Jelšah

MapCelje, Church of St. Daniel (sv. Danijel)Celje

MapCerkev Kristusovega učlovečenja / Church of Christ's IncarnationLjubljana

MapCerkev sv. Frančiška / Church of St. FrancisLjubljana

MapCerkev sv. Jožefa / Church of St. JosephLjubljana

MapCerkev svetega Florijana (St. Florian Church)Ljubljana

MapChurch of St. MichaelČrna vas

MapDomanjševci (Domonkosfa), Chapel of St. Martin (formerly St. Venceslav)Domanjševci

MapFrančiškanska cerkev (Cerkev Marijinega oznanenja) / Franciscan Church (Church of the Annunciation)Ljubljana

MapKomenda, Church of St. PeterKomenda

MapKoper (Capodistria), Church of the Carmelite Madonna (Cerkev Karmelske Matere božje)Koper

MapKoper (Capodistria), Rotunda of St. Elijah (sv. Elija), Church of the Assumption (Marijino vnebovzetje)Koper

MapKranj, Church of St. Cantius, Cantianus, Cantianilla, and Protus (sv. Kancij, Kancijan, Kancijanila in Prot)Kranj

MapLeše above Prevalje, Ambience with the churches of St. Anne (sv Ana) and St. Volbenk (sv. Volbenk)Leše

MapNova Štifta, Church of the Assumption (Marijino vnebovzetje)Nova Štifta

MapPetrovče, Church of the VisitationPetrovče

MapPilgrimage Church of Mary on Sladka goraŠmarje pri Jelšah

MapPiran (Pirano), Church of St. Mary of the Snows (Marija Snežna)Piran

MapPiran, Baptistery of St. John the Baptist (sv. Janez Krstnik)Piran

MapPodljubelj, The Church of Sv. AnaPodljubelj

MapRosary ChurchKranj

MapSlovenj Gradec, Church of St. Elizabeth (sv. Elizabeta)Slovenj Gradec

MapSlovenj Gradec, Church of the Holy Spirit (Sv. Duh)Slovenj Gradec

MapSolčava, Church of Our Lady of the Snows (Marija Snežna)Solčava

MapSt. ArehŠmartno na Pohorju

MapThe Church of the Sad Mother of GodLeskovec pri Krškem

MapThe Franciscans monastery churchKoper

MapThe Minorite Church and MonasteryMaribor

MapThe Provost's HouseNovo Mesto

MapThe statue of Mary of SolčavaSolčava

MapTri fare pilgrimage in RosalniceRosalnice

MapTrnovo Church (Church of St. John the Baptist)Ljubljana

MapUršulinski samostan & Cerkev sv. trojice / Ursuline Monastery & Church of the Holy TrinityLjubljana

MapZgornje Jezersko, Church of St. Oswald (sv. Ožbolt)Zgornje Jezersko

MapAloysius churchMaribor

MapAssumption of Mary Parish Church in PrimskovoKranj

MapCerkev sv. Jurija in sv. MagdaleneMotnik

MapCerkev svetega Jakoba (Church of St James)Ljubljana

MapChurch of Mary's annunciationKamnik

MapChurch of Mati BožjaVelenje

MapChurch of St. AndrejVelenje

MapChurch of St. CatherineLendava

MapChurch of St. JacobKoper

MapChurch of St. JosephKamnik

MapChurch of St. Jurij (St. George) in DobrničDobrnič

MapChurch of St. Lucy in DražgošeDražgoše

MapChurch of St. Stephen, ZanigradZanigrad

MapChurch of St. TilenŠentilj pod Turjakom

MapChurch of Sv. RokBrežice

MapChurch st. MartinVelenje

MapEvangelical-Lutheran ChurchMaribor

MapEvangeličanska cerkev (Lutheran Church)Ljubljana

MapFranciscan churchMaribor

MapGreben nad Gradiščem-Church of Sv. TomažLoke v Tuhinju

MapGreek Catholic Church of St. Cyril and St. MethodiusMetlika

MapHoly spirit Church - by the Bohinj LakeRibčev Laz

MapOur lady of consolationPiran

MapParish Church of Sv. Janez Krstnik (John the Baptist)Mirna

MapParish Church of the Assumption of MaryTrebnje

MapPravoslavna cerkev (Ortodox Church)Ljubljana

MapSacred Heart Church in DrežnicaDrežnica

MapSt. Blaise churchKoper

MapSt. Clara church and the monasteryKoper

MapSt. Joseph`s churchMaribor

MapSt. Laurence’s Church on RakaRaka

MapSt. Mary Ascension ChurchStrunjan

MapSt. Nicholas ChurchKoper

MapSt. Peter’s and St. Paul’s ChurchGažon

MapSt. Rosalie’s ChurchKrško

MapSuccursal Church of Sv. Ožbalt in ČirčeKranj

MapSuccursal church on PungartKranj

MapSv. JakobPodkraj pri Velenju

MapSv. Jakob Church in OkoninaOkonina

MapSv. Janeza KrstnikaVinska Gora

MapSv. Martin Parish Church in StražiščeKranj

MapSv. Mihael Church in RadmirjeRadmirje

MapThe Basilica of the Mary from LourdesBrestanica

MapThe cemetery church of St. Andrew, KoštabonaKoštabona

MapThe Church of the Mother of God in NazarjeNazarje

MapThe church of St. Cosmas and St. Damian, KoštabonaKoštabona

MapThe Church of St. Florian, KubedKubed

MapThe Church of St. John The Evangelist in Dolenje KamenceDolenje Kamenje

MapThe Church of St. JosephTržič

MapThe church of St. LadislavBeltinciBeltinci

MapThe Church of St. LeonardNovo Mesto

MapThe Church of St. Leonard in Gotna vasNovo Mesto

MapThe church of St. Maria Magdalena, SmokvicaSmokvica

MapThe Church of St. MichaelNovo Mesto

MapThe church of Sv. Ana with the Black MadonnaKoprivna

MapThe church of the Holy Spirit, PodolševaSolčava

MapThe Gallery of the Holy GhostKrško

MapThe Holy Mother of God Pilgrimage ChurchVelika Loka

MapThe Monastery and the Church of St. MarthaKoper

MapThe monastery church of St. AnnaKoper

MapThe parish church of St. GeorgPomjan

MapThe parish church of St. John the BaptistPredloka

MapThe parish church of St. Martin in KamnicaKamnica

MapThe parish church of St. Michael, KrkavčeKrkavče

MapThe parish church of sv. Ana (st. Anne) in Dolenjske TopliceDolenjske Toplice

MapThe parish church of sv. Andrej (st. Andrew), the apostle in Kočevske PoljaneKočevske Poljane

MapZgornji TuhinjZgornji Tuhinj

MapChurch od St. Mohor in FortunatKozjak

MapChurch of St. Helen, PodpečPodpeč

MapChurch of St. Thomas the Apostle, OspOsp

MapChurch of Sv. Jurij (St. George)Bistrica pri Tržiču

MapChurch of the Blessed VirginKoper

MapMother of God Church on RosuljePrimož pri Ljubnem

MapParish church of St. Andrew and St. Jacob, PopetrePopetre

MapParish church, located at the source of the river RižanaBezovica

MapParish curch of St. OswaldZgornje Jezersko

MapPekrska gorca hillMaribor

MapSt. Jurij’s ChurchZdole

MapSt. Martin`s Church in Srednja VasSrednja vas v Bohinju

MapSt. Nicholas Church in Ljubenske RastkeLjubno ob Savinji

MapSt. Nicolaus Church in Bohinjska BistricaBohinjska Bistrica

MapSuccursal Church of Sv. Jernej in StražiščeKranj

MapSv. BrikcijŠenbric

MapSv. Elizabeta Parish Church in LjubnoLjubno ob Savinji

MapSv. Lovrenc Parish ChurchBrežice

MapSv. NikolajVelenje

MapSv. OžboltŠkalske Cirkovce

MapSv. Primož ChurchPrimož pri Ljubnem

MapSveti JoštPaški Kozjak

MapThe chapel of Christ the King in the Logar valleyLogarska Dolina

MapThe Church of the Virgin Mary in KokarjeKokarje

MapThe Church of Christ The SaviourNova Gorica

MapThe Church of Christ, the ResurrectedSenovo

MapThe Church of St. Catherine at ČretaČreta pri Kokarjah

MapThe Church of St. Catherine at GoricaLačja vas

MapThe Church of St. Gavasius and Protasius in RovtRovt pod Menino

MapThe Church of St. John The BaptistNovo Mesto

MapThe Church of St. Jošt in RovtRovt pod Menino

MapThe Church of St. Martin in Šmartno by DretaŠmartno ob Dreti

MapThe Church of St. NicolasŽalec

MapThe Church of St. Peter in BočnaBočna

MapThe Church of St. Urban in DobrovljeDobrovlje pri Mozirju

MapThe Church of the Holy GhostVeliki Trn

MapThe Chursh of St. KancianŽalec


MapThe parish church of Mary´s AscensionDekani

MapThe parish church of St. AntonSv.Anton

MapThe parish church of sv. Erazem (st. Erasmus) in SoteskaSoteska

MapThe parish church of the assumption of MaryDobrna

MapThe parish Church of the Immaculate Mother of God, ŠmarjeŠmarje

MapCalvary hill (Kalvarija)Maribor

MapCastle Church of Sv. JurijOrtnek

MapChapel of Holy TrinityLendava

MapChapel of Mary Help of Christians, LokevLokev

MapChapel of St. Anthony, LipicaLipica

MapChurch in KozanaKozana

MapChurch in the village GradnoGradno

MapChurch of All Saints (Cerkev vseh svetnikov), SvetinjeIvanjkovci

MapChurch of Blessed Virgin Mary at MengoreKozaršče

MapChurch of Holy TrinityDolenjske Toplice


MapChurch of Mary Help of ChristiansDolenjske Toplice

MapChurch of Mary Help of Christians in LjubnoLjubno

MapChurch of Mary’s Assumption (Bertoki)Bertoki

MapChurch of Mary’s Birth, PomjanPomjan

MapChurch of Our Lady of Sorrows in ZebnikŽebnik

MapChurch of Saint AndrewVrhovlje pri Kožbani

MapChurch of Saint MartinDolenjske Toplice

MapChurch of Saint NicolausDolenjske Toplice

MapChurch of Saint RokDolenjske Toplice

MapChurch of Saint UrsulaDolenjske Toplice

MapChurch of SantLeonardDolnje Cerovo

MapChurch of St Andrew in MošnjeMošnje

MapChurch of St John the Baptist in Spodnji OtokSpodnji Otok

MapChurch of St Lambert in LancovoLancovo

MapChurch of St Leonard in KropaKropa

Church of St Lucy in Zadnja vas

MapChurch of St Peter above BegunjeBegunje na Gorenjskem

MapChurch of St Peter in RadovljicaRadovljica

MapChurch of St Ulrich in BegunjeBegunje na Gorenjskem

MapChurch of St. Ann in TunjiceTunjice

MapChurch of St. Anna, RazguriRazguri

MapChurch of St. Anthony, Mahniči - subsidiaryMahniči

MapChurch of St. Anthony, ŠepuljeŠepulje

MapChurch of St. BenedictZgornje Stranje

MapChurch of St. Catherine, Tabor - Bogo - subsidiaryBogo

MapChurch of St. Cross, KrižKriž

MapChurch of st. Cross, Vrhpolje at Vipava, Vipava valleyVrhpolje

MapChurch of St. Cyril and MethodiusRadenci

MapChurch of St. DominicIzola

MapChurch of St. Elijah, KoprivaKopriva

MapChurch of St. Florjan - ZakalZakal

MapChurch of St. Francis of Assisi (Sv. Frančišek Asiški) in Vipavski KrižVipavski Križ

MapChurch of St. George (Jurij)Nevlje

MapChurch of St. George, DutovljeDutovlje

MapChurch of st. Hieronim at Nanos, Vipava valleyNanos

MapChurch of St. James (sv. Jakob), OrmožOrmož

MapChurch of St. James, ŠtjakŠtjak

MapChurch of st. JernejSenično

MapChurch of St. John (sv. Janez), Hum pri OrmožuHum pri Ormožu

MapChurch of St. John the EvangelistIzola

MapChurch of St. KatarinaLom pod Storžičem

MapChurch of St. Laurence, KazljeKazlje

MapChurch of St. Martin in MartjanciMartjanci

MapChurch of St. Martin, Griže - subsidiaryGriže

MapChurch of st. Martin, Manče at VipavaManče

MapChurch of St. Martin, SežanaSežana

MapChurch of St. Matija, Slap at VipavaSlap

MapChurch of St. MichaelBiljana

MapChurch of St. Michael, LokevLokev

MapChurch of St. MiklavžŠmartno v Tuhinju

MapChurch of St. Mohor and Fortunat, Podraga, VipavaPodraga

MapChurch of St. Nicholas, AvberAvber

MapChurch of St. Nicholas, Nanos, Vipava valleyNanos

MapChurch of St. Notburga, KrepljeKreplje

MapChurch of St. OswaldPtuj

MapChurch of St. PeterČrnomelj

MapChurch of St. Primož and Felicijan, Vrhpolje at VipavaVrhpolje

MapChurch of St. Quiricus, SočergaSočerga

MapChurch of St. ThomasKoper

MapChurch of St. Thomas, StomažStomaž

MapChurch of the Assumption of Mary in LesceLesce

MapChurch of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Gura - PovirPovir

MapChurch of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, ŠmarjeŠmarje pri Sežani

MapChurch of the Holy Cross - The Hall in the ParkKrško

MapChurch of the holy Three Kings in BrunkBrunk

MapChurch of the Holy TrinityKoper

MapChurch of the holy Trinity in CimernoČimerno

MapChurch of the Holy Trinity in Kamna GoricaKamna Gorica

MapChurch of the Holy Trinity, Orehovica at VipavaOrehovica

MapChurch of the Virgin Mary and St. Nicholas in Selo (THE ROMANESQUE ROTUNDA)Selo

MapChurch of Virgin Mary in the FieldBovec

MapChurch of. St. Peter and Paul, TomajTomaj

MapChurch on Tabor, TaborVrabče

MapChurch Saint Mary on the LakeGolo Brdo

MapDravograd: The Baroque church of St. Peter on Kronska goraŠentjanž pri Dravogradu

MapDravograd: The church of The Holy Spirit at OjstricaOjstrica

MapEvangelic churchMurska Sobota

MapEvangelical Lutheran Church of Jesus the Good Shepherd in Moravske TopliceMoravske Toplice

MapExaltation of the Holy Cross Church in Srednja DobravaSrednja Dobrava

MapHoly Trinity Church (sveta Trojica church)Vrhnika

MapMaršiči – The Church of Sv. UrhMaršiči

MapMuta: Rotunda of St. John the Baptist at Spodnja MutaMuta

MapParish Church of Our LadyCerknica

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