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Slovenia offers exceptional sights and experiences for everyone, irrespective of when you visit. It would be difficult anywhere else to find so many sites of natural beauty, so many cultural highlights and so many ways of actively enjoying your free time in such a small area. Even if you already know a good part of the country, there is always something new to discover. Have a look at our suggestions to help you decide or give you an idea of your own.

When planning your journeys around Slovenia, you can expect almost every mile to offer something new. There are many more such opportunities in the cities and in popular tourist destinations. You can therefore be sure that you have made the right choice in visiting any part of the country, provided that you know what to do there.

How to feel Slovenia

PiranSlovenia is in no way a destination where after a few days of travelling around you feel that you have seen it all. Experiencing and enjoying Slovenia can take all of your free days, but you are certain to find something new, and of course good things can always be done again.

The Where to go in Slovenia column covers a number of destinations that are well worth a visit. If you do not yet know enough about the country, or simply wish to refresh your memory, your first choice could be Slovenian landscapes. If you already know which region or area you would like to go to, you can find some tips under Regions and areas. Make use of the interactive map. Triglav National Park is unique in character and importance, and therefore has its own section. The 50 most popular destinations are also a good indication of where to go: See Don’t miss.

Don’t miss

Slovenia inspires with its beauty and places of interest. There is so much to choose from, it is sometimes hard to decide where to go. We can focus your choice by revealing the 50 most popular Tourist attractions in the country. A number of them simply have to be seen to have genuinely experienced the country: from ...
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Slovenia’s landscape is exceptionally diverse. To make it even easier for you to select which part of Slovenia to visit and what to do there, we have divided the country into twelve identifiable regions, and within them you can find out more about individual locations.
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Tourist destinations

Slovenia is a country of extraordinary diversity, yet there are a number of common features that connect specific areas into the whole. For hints on what part of Slovenia to visit and what you can see and experience there, take a look at some tourist destinations.
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Give in to the harmony of coexistence of man and nature and feel the authenticity of the Slovenian countryside, where time passes more slowly. The friendly hosts on tourist farms serve tasty home-cooked food.
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Triglav National Park

Slovenia’s only national park is a place of sheer beauty, and demands a section of its own. The park lies in the Julian Alps in north-western Slovenia, and is named after Mt Triglav, at 2,864 m the highest peak in the country. The exhilarating limestone terrain with its breathtaking mountain peaks and valleys has many ...
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Emerald Route

Experience the unspoiled nature of northwestern Slovenia (Kranjska Gora - Nova Gorica - Vipava - Idrija)

Wind Route

To the mysterious karst and the Adriatic Sea (Portorož - Ljubljana)

Amber Route

This is the route of enterprising people (Ljubljana - Maribor)

Sun route

Through the warm region of wine and healing waters (Lendava - Novo mesto)

Peddler route

From all corners of the world to the white birches (Metlika - Ljubljana)

Goldenhorn route

With the scenery of Alps and lakes (Ljubljana - Kranjska Gora)

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Towns (545)
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Regions (12)
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Dishes and Recipes (234)
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Cities of Culture (18)
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Visitor farms (282)
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MapMajerija, Slap at Vipava valley,  Slap

MapTourist farm Bahor,  Tanča Gora

MapTourist farm Pri Rjavčevih, the owner: Vida Cernatič,  Šempas

MapAbram Tourist Farm,  Nanos

MapAnčka,  Zreče

MapAppartment Hafner,  Bojsno

MapBoltetni Tourist Farm,  Ribnica

MapBordon tourist farm,  Dekani

MapButul Home,  Manžan

MapDobrinja Zvezdan and Tatjana tourist farm,  Lopar

MapDrča,  Drča

MapExcursion farm and camp Vovk,  Osp

MapExcursion farm Bukovnik,  Podolševa

MapExcursion farm Kazina,  Dolnje Prapreče

MapExcursion farm Klemenšek,  Logarska Dolina

MapExcursion farm Matij,  Sv.Primož nad Muto

MapExcursion farm Pri Bitencu,  Briše pri Polhovem Gradcu

MapExcursion farm Pri Jurčku,  Stranska vas

MapExcursion Farm Santomas - Ludvik Nazarij Glavina,  Šmarje

MapExcursion farm Vertovšek,  Veliki Kamen

MapFarm Baredi,  Baredi

MapFarm for excursions and trips in the countryside Tumle,  Žibrše

MapFarm for excursions and trips Urbanovc,  Ravnik pri Hotedršici

MapFarm Kisovec,  Petkovec

MapFarm Kontrabantar,  Dolenja vas

MapFarm Korpič,  Dravci

MapFarm Medljan,  Cetore

MapFarm Na Gucanu,  Parecag

MapFarm Psnak,  Zgornja Radovna

MapFarm Slavček,  Potok pri Dornberku

MapFarm Šinkovc,  Medvedje Brdo

MapFarm with accommodation Breg,  Breg pri Golem Brdu

MapFarm with accomodation Kren,  Plešivo

MapFarmhouse Pri Lovrču,  Čadrg

MapGlas tourist farm,  Sremič

MapGlobočnik Tourist Farm,  Globoko

MapHerbal farm Plavica,  Cerovec

MapHostel plus cafe,  Petrovče

MapHribar tourist farm,  Podbočje

MapIzletniška kmetija Oru,  Avber

MapJesevnik,  Šmihel nad Mozirjem

MapKmetija Olipje, Zg. Jezersko,  Zgornje Jezersko

MapKmetija Žerovc,  Gorenja Trebuša

MapKošir,  Kranjska Gora

MapKozmus tourist farm,  Paneče

MapKramar Dairy and Cheese Farm,  Tolmin

MapKrmac excursion farm and 'Osmica',  Bertoki

MapKrulec beekeeping,  Klanc

MapMoj dom Tourist Farm,  Juršinci

MapNemec tourist farm,  Sedraž

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Culinary Experience (64)
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MapA bike tour around Lake Cerknica,  Cerknica

A journey from Stična to Škocjan na Dolenjskem

MapA tour around the towns of Kobarid and Tolmin,  Kobarid

MapA tour of the Bizeljsko-Sremič Wine Route,  Bizeljsko

MapA Tour of the Brkini,  Ilirska Bistrica

A tour of the rocky Karst, on foot or by bike

A tour of the sunny Vipava Valley, on foot or by bike

MapA trip to the Polhov Gradec Dolomites landscape park – Between Ljubljana and the Polhov Gradec Hills,  Ljubljana

MapAdventures in the land of Jurij Vega - Dol pri Ljubljani,  Dol pri Ljubljani

Adventures on St. Emma’s pilgrim’s trail from Mokronog to Stična

Along the Istrian Wine Road / The scent of the Mediterranean – in the land of olives, refošk wine and fish

MapAround Ljubljana on a bike,  Ljubljana

Between Ilirska Bistrica and Kozina – along the Brkini Fruit Road

Bobbin lace, the Slovenian pyramids and žlikrofi from Idrija

Carnival merrymaking in the region of Cerkljansko in the company of the local masks called cerkljanski lavfarji

MapCerknica Carnival,  Cerknica

Cherry Festival in Brda

Embraced by the mighty white birches and the warm Kolpa river

MapEnjoy a holiday break in the Upper Soča Valley – visit the town of Bovec, the heart of the Upper Soča Valley,  Bovec

MapExperience the life on the dairy farm Jelinčič in the village of Soča,  Bovec

MapExplore the countryside between Vrhnika and Planinsko polje,  Logatec

MapExplore the town of Medvode and its surroundings,  Ljubljana

MapFor horse and riding lovers in the Brkini,  Kozina

MapFrom a castle courtyard to canoeing and kayaking on River Krka,  Bizeljsko

From beer to wine - from Grosuplje to Novo mesto / In the land of cviček and friendly people

MapFrom cultural heritage to authentic food,  Bizeljsko

MapFrom Ljubljana to Zasavje / The hills of Zasavje welcome you,  Ljubljana

MapFrom Notranjska to the Brkini,  Cerknica

Getting the organic products from the farms in the region of Bela krajina in the Kolpa valley

Grape harvest in the Goriška Brda and Nova Gorica region

Grape harvest in the Vipava Valley

MapGrape harvest on Karst tourist farms,  Tomaj

MapGrape harvesting on the Bizeljsko-Sremič Wine Route,  Bizeljsko

MapIdrija žlikrofi,  Idrija

In the land of breathtaking views – A tour of the Goriška Brda and Nova Gorica region

In the land of cherries, apricots and excellent wines

In the land of indigenous grape varieties - pinela, zelen and klarnica, and of delicious Vipava fruit

In the land of teran wine, kraški pršut (Karst prosciutto ham) and Lipizzaner horses

MapLearn about life on the farm at the organic tourist farm Pri Lazarju in Podgrad,  Ljubljana

MapLet's make a delicious ajdov potancelj and bizeljska mlinčevka on the Balon tourist farm,  Bizeljsko

Martinovanje (the Saint Martin feast) on the tourist farm in the land of metliška črnina (red sort of grapes)

MapOil-Pressing Center beside the Drava River,  Ormož

On the farms Tušar and Grapar there you can learn how to prepare local dishes smukavc and luštrkajca

On the tourist farm Ob izviru Krupe (By the springs of the Krupa river) you can be taught to prepare belokranjska pogača

MapOn the tourist farm Pri Martinovih you can learn how to make local dishes: corn prga and other delicious deserts,  Bizeljsko

MapPlanika Kobarid Dairy,  Kobarid

MapRafting on Sava River – a tour from Radeče to Sevnica and along the picturesque Upper Dolenjska Wine Road,  Bizeljsko

Roaming throughout the Cerkljansko mountains and Idrijsko by bicycle or on foot

Roaming throughout the region of Bela krajina by bicycle or by boat

MapSlovenian Wine Route,  Novo Mesto

MapSt. Martin’s Day on tourist farms in Posavje and in Bizeljsko,  Bizeljsko

St. Martin's Day on farms along the Brda Wine Road

MapSt. Martin's Day on farms along the Istrian Wine Road,  Koper

St. Martin's Day on farms along the Karst Wine Road

St. Martin's Day on farms along the Vipava Wine Road

St. Martin's Day on farms in the Nova Gorica region

St. Martin's Day on tourist farms in the land of cviček and along wine roads

MapStrawberries, cherries, chestnuts and other delicious local products on the Fruit Road between Javor and Jane, east of,  Ljubljana

MapTaste “čompe” (potatoes with cottage cheese) and »”trentarski krafi” (Trenta Valley štruklji) at the Jelinčič tourist fa,  Bovec

MapThe Kobarid gastronomic Circle,  Kobarid

Traditional Slovenian Evening

Unforgettable adventures in the land of folk hero Martin Krpan

MapVisit organic farms in the Upper Soča Valley,  Bovec

MapVisit organic farms in Zasavje and stock up on their products,  Ljubljana

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Wine roads (89)
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2 1 Page:

MapAgroind Vipava 1894 - wine cellar, Vipava, Vipava valley,  Vipava

Bela krajina wine tourist road

MapBizeljsko - Sremiška Wine Road,  Krško

MapBrda Weinstrasse,  Dobrovo

MapBurja estate,  Podgrič

MapCejkotova household, Goče, Vipava valley,  Goče

MapDolnjedolenjska Wine Road in Trebnje Municipality,  Trebnje

MapEstate Sutor, Podraga, Vipava valley,  Podraga

MapExploring central Slovenske gorice,  Lenart v Slov.Goricah

MapFajdiga wine cellar, Goče, Vipava valley,  Goče

MapFarm Fajdiga Ave, Lože, Vipava valley,  Lože

MapFarm Ferjančič, Gradišče, Vipava valley,  Gradišče pri Vipavi

MapFarm Medljan,  Izola

MapFarm Na Gucanu,  Izola

MapFarm Pregeljc, Slap, Vipava valley,  Slap

MapFarm Žvokelj, Vrhpolje, Vipava valley,  Vrhpolje

MapFarm-winery Trošt, Slap, Vipava valley,  Slap

MapFarm-winery V malnu, Slap, Vipava Valley,  Slap

MapFarm-winery Volk, Erzelj, Vipava valley,  Erzelj

MapGoriška Brda Wine Road,  Dobrovo

MapGourmet wine pamparing,  Medana

MapHaloze Wine Road,  Cirkulane

MapHouse of Vrešje,  Krkavče

MapInn Baladur,  Grintovec

MapInn Pri Emilu - Miljo,  Šmarje

MapInn Walter,  Dragonja

MapIstria Wine Road,  Koper

MapJeruzalem Wine Road,  Ljutomer

Karst wine road

Karst wine road (Karst)

MapKorte Inn,  Korte

MapKortina turizem, d.o.o.,  Krkavče

MapMaribor wine-tourist road (VTC 18),  Maribor

MapNafa wines, Vrhpolje, Vipava valley,  Vrhpolje

MapOn the Bela krajina Wine Road – Bela krajina Winegrowing District,  Metlika

MapOn the Bela krajina Wine Road – Črnomelj district,  Črnomelj

MapOrmož Wine Road,  Ormož

MapPanorama Inn,  Šared

MapPodgorjanska Wine Road,  Čatež ob Savi

MapPodpohorje wine-tourist road (VTC 17),  Maribor

MapPoljšak wines, Gradišče at Vipava,  Gradišče pri Vipavi

MapPr' Maraljo,  Sv.Peter

MapPucer Elvir in Valter,  Nova vas nad Dragonjo

MapRestaurant Idila,  Padna

MapRestaurant Na burji,  Nova vas nad Dragonjo

MapRogaška Wine Road,  Rogaška Slatina

MapRogatec Wine Road,  Rogatec

MapSlavec farm,  Šared

MapŠmartno-Virštanj wine road,  Podčetrtek

MapThe Trail of Archduke Johann from Graz to Maribor,  Maribor

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Part of village / town (46)
Displayed hits: 1-46 Number of hits: 46
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MapAndrejčev sawmill and flour mill in Stara Fužina,  Stara Fužina

MapAnton's house in Železniki,  Železniki

MapCastle of Škofja Loka,  Škofja Loka

MapDevil's footbridge,  Puštal

MapGranaries in Ravne,  Ravne v Bohinju

MapGranaries in Srednja vas,  Srednja vas v Bohinju

MapHouse Grohčeva hiša in Škofja Loka,  Škofja Loka

MapKobalova house in Nemški Rovt,  Nemški Rovt

MapKozolci-hayracks in hamlet of Vogar on Zgornji Zevt,  Stara Fužina

MapMansion Županovše,  Predmost

MapMartin's House,  Škofja Loka

MapMežnarjeva house in Jereka,  Jereka

MapOld town hall,  Škofja Loka

MapThe House of Nation / Narodni dom,  Novo Mesto

MapThe Main Square / Glavni trg,  Novo Mesto

MapHlipova house in Stara Fužina,  Stara Fužina

MapHome called Matevžkova domačija in Žiri,  Žiri

MapNadurska City Gate,  Kranj

MapThe Upper City Gate and Moat,  Kranj

Map1st of May Square,  Piran

MapBirth House of Writer Janez Mencinger - Brod,  Brod

MapBoncelj's house,  Železniki

MapDrava Street,  Maribor

MapGlavni trg,  Kamnik

MapHouse Plnada in Železniki,  Železniki

MapJohan House,  Ribnica

MapMotnik,  Motnik

MapOld school in Žiri,  Žiri

MapOnič House,  Ribnica

MapOplotnica manor,  Oplotnica

MapPaved Path from Jereka to Koprivnik,  Jereka

MapPlavec house,  Železniki

MapPuštal's castle,  Puštal

MapRevolution Square (Trg Revolucije),  Kranj

MapSamec Pass,  Kamnik

MapSlatnar Print-Works (Slatnarjeva tiskarna),  Kamnik

MapŠpan's home,  Suha

MapŠutna Street,  Kamnik

MapTartini Square,  Piran

MapThe castle of Stara Loka or Strahl's castle,  Stara Loka

MapThe Main Square Fountain,  Novo Mesto

MapThe Trenta House,  Trenta

MapTrg svobode,  Kamnik

MapUpper tower on Krancelj,  Škofja Loka

MapZois house in Spodnje Gorjuše,  Gorjuše

MapŽigon's House,  Škofja Loka

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Wine cellar (369)
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MapAgricultural Co-operative Metlika z.o.o.,  Metlika

MapAleksander Farm,  Medana

MapAmon estate,  Olimje

MapAngel Morgan,  Koper

MapAvin,  Gradišče pri Vipavi

MapBatagelj Wine Cellar, Vrtovin,  Vrtovin

MapBatič Ivan,  Šempas

MapBerce Matjaž,  Draga

MapBjana,  Biljana

MapBlagonja Family, Zavino,  Zavino

MapBole Homestead,  Avber

MapBordon Jožef Farm,  Montinjan

MapBožič Homestead (Domačija Božič),  Planina

MapBožič Wine Cellar,  Planina

MapBrandulin Wines,  Plešivo

MapBric Ivan,  Vogrsko

MapBrikca,  Vedrijan

MapBrtolačeva Farm,  Dutovlje

MapCejkotova domačija,  Goče

MapCellar "Pustova gurca",  Polje pri Bistrici

MapCellar Mervič,  Šempas

MapCellar Pesnica,  Pesnica pri Mariboru

MapCultus,  Podraga

MapCvetko Wine Growing,  Stanovno

MapČarga,  Pristavo

MapČehovin Farm,  Brje

MapČehovin Wine Cellar, Gaberje ,  Gaberje

MapČernigoj Familiy in Lokavec ,  Lokavec

MapČeščut Vlasta,  Pristava

MapČrv Farm, Fruit and Wine, Velike Žablje,  Velike Žablje

MapDolfo,  Ceglo

MapEcological Farm Plahuta,  Marezige

MapEmeran Reya,  Kozana

MapEmino wine house,  Imeno

MapErzetič, Višnjevik,  Višnjevik

MapEstate Brič d.o.o.,  Dekani

MapFabjan Farm,  Avber

MapFajdigov hram,  Goče

MapFamily Farmhouse Jakončič,  Kozana

MapFarm (Tomaž and Srečko Prinčič) Prinčič,  Kozana

MapFarm Benedetič,  Vipolže

MapFarm Dobuje,  Snežeče

MapFarm Fakin,  Hruševica

MapFarm Grahor Pr´F´raki,  Grahovo Brdo

MapFarm Jakopina,  Olimje

MapFarm Jelušič,  Vrhovlje

MapFarm Jelušič Pr´Mežnarjevih,  Štorje

Farm Jogan

MapFarm Kerin,  Krkavče

MapFarm Kovačevi Širca,  Pliskovica

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Tourist destinations (9)
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Tourist farms with accommodation (242)
Displayed hits: 1-50 Number of hits: 242
5 4 3 2 1 Page:

MapAbram Tourist Farm,  Nanos

MapAparmtents on a Farm Psnak,  Zgornja Radovna

MapApartma Češnjice,  Šenturška Gora

MapApartma Hodnik Franc,  Srednja vas v Bohinju

MapApartma Jasa,  Lepa Njiva

MapApartma Rozman Janez,  Srednja vas v Bohinju

MapApartmaji Hribar,  Srednja vas pri Kamniku

MapApartmaji Jas-Mar,  Radoslavci

MapApartmaji Klančar,  Staje

MapApartmaji na Turistični kmetiji - Za robom,  Gorenji Novaki

MapApartments and Wellness Korošec,  Ljubija

MapApartments Turičnik Tovšak Marjan,  Golavabuka

MapCvetje v jeseni ****,  Visoko pri Poljanah

MapČebelarstvo in turistična kmetija Šalamun,  Banovci

MapČrnič tourist farm,  Grabrovec

MapDomačija Novak,  Sadinja vas pri Dvoru

MapDrča,  Drča

MapEcological tourist farm Trnulja,  Črna vas

MapEkološka kmetija Černuta,  Log pod Mangartom

MapEkološka turistična kmetija Pri Plajerju,  Trenta

MapEkološko-turistična kmetija Lešnik,  Golavabuka

MapEKO-turistična kmetija z nastanitvijo Pohorka,  Razvanje

MapFarm House Bahor,  Zorenci

MapFarm Pintarjevi,  Veliki Okič

MapFarm Pri Andreju,  Studor v Bohinju

MapFarm Tominc-Frelih,  Brezje

MapFarm Zakrašnik,  Lenart nad Lušo

MapFarmhouse Ljubica,  Vinharje

MapHerbalija Estate,  Virštanj

MapHiša posebne sorte - House of Special Sort,  Štanjel

MapHoliday Estate Passero,  Tešanovci

MapHouse Štekar, vine and tourism,  Snežatno

MapIzletniška kmetija Ivanetic Milan,  Omota

MapJelenov breg pod Matajurjem,  Avsa

MapKekčeva domačija,  Trenta

MapKlinec Tourist Farm,  Medana

MapKmečki turizem Jenezinovi,  Ratečevo Brdo

MapKmetija Klobas,  Sečovlje

MapKmetija z namestitvijo Pri Rebkovih,  Lokavec

MapKmetija z nastanitvijo Jakljevič,  Novo Mesto

MapKozmus,  Paneče

MapLovrčeva ekološka turistična kmetija,  Čadrg

MapMatjaževa domačija,  Paha

MapMoj dom Tourist Farm,  Juršinci

MapNastanitvena turistična kmetija Žigon,  Grčarevec

MapOblak Tourist Farm,  Rigelj pri Ortneku

MapOrganic farm Makek,  Zgornje Jezersko

MapPri Ažbetu doma,  Dolenčice

MapPri starem kovaču, tourist farm,  Spodnji Slemen

MapSenekovič z nastanitvijo, Turistična kmetija,  Trstenik

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Organic tourist farms (51)
Displayed hits: 1-50 Number of hits: 51
2 1 Page:

MapAbram Tourist Farm,  Nanos

MapDebelak Andrej Ecological Farm,  Hotunje

MapEco Farm Božeglav,  Štorje

MapEcological farm Darja Kravos,  Male Žablje

MapFarm Psnak,  Zgornja Radovna

MapLeskov gaj - ecological farming,  Novi Svet

Moutova Farm

MapOštirjeva Farm,  Voglje

MapPeaceful Farming Development, Valpatič Farming,  Ostrožno pri Ponikvi Del

MapTourist farm Perk,  Logarska Dolina

MapTourist farm Čebelji Gradič,  Serdica

MapTourist farm Čemas,  Zilje

MapTourist farm Černuta,  Log pod Mangartom

MapTourist farm Češnjice,  Šenturška Gora

MapTourist farm Dolenčevi,  Sajevče

MapTourist farm Gričnik,  Planina na Pohorju

MapTourist farm Jelinčič,  Soča

MapTourist farm Kladje Kladje,  Ter

MapTourist farm Lenar,  Logarska Dolina

MapTourist farm Ločnikar,  Skomarje

MapTourist farm Ločnikar,  Skomarje

MapTourist farm Logar - Hiša Pri Dovičevih and Lunkovih,  Žerovnica

MapTourist farm Loger,  Savina

MapTourist farm Majdač,  Podolševa

MapTourist farm Matk,  Logarska Dolina

MapTourist farm Mikl,  Jamnica

MapTourist farm Organic farm Makek,  Zgornje Jezersko

MapTourist farm Pecel,  Maline pri Štrekljevcu

MapTourist farm Peternelj,  Brce

MapTourist farm Plesnik- Logarska Valley,  Logarska Dolina

MapTourist farm Pr Mark,  Črni Vrh

MapTourist farm Pri Andrejevih,  Narin

MapTourist farm Pri Baronu,  Planica

MapTourist Farm Pri Flandru,  Zakojca

MapTourist farm Pri Lovrču,  Čadrg

MapTourist farm Pri Plajerju,  Trenta

MapTourist farm Ramšak,  Padeški Vrh

MapTourist farm Ramšak-Solčava,  Podolševa

MapTourist farm Rekar, Pavla Švegel,  Grahovše

MapTourist farm Robidišče,  Robidišče

MapTourist farm Rogar,  Podolševa

MapTourist farm Rotovnik-Plesnik,  Legen

MapTourist farm Špan,  Potarje

MapTourist farm Tavčar,  Spodnje Gorje

MapTourist farm Trnulja,  Črna vas

MapTourist farm Visočnik,  Ter

MapTourist farm Viženčar,  Ambrož pod Krvavcem

MapTourist farm Žibovt,  Logarska Dolina

MapTourist farm Žvanč,  Drežniške Ravne

Večko farm

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Hands-on in the countryside (37)
Displayed hits: 1-37 Number of hits: 37
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Historical homes (142)
Displayed hits: 1-50 Number of hits: 142
3 2 1 Page:

MapDomačija Šajna,  Šepulje

MapTourist farm Malovščevo,  Vitovlje

MapTourist farm Pri Rjavčevih, the owner: Vida Cernatič,  Šempas

MapAbram Tourist Farm,  Nanos

MapBrajda,  Štorje

Domačija Štraus Kramer

MapFarm Psnak,  Zgornja Radovna

MapHomestead Bole,  Avber

MapHomestead Lisjak,  Dutovlje

MapHomestead Muha,  Lokev

MapHomestead Škapin - Žiberna,  Tomaj

MapJakopina farm,  Olimje

MapJesevnik,  Šmihel nad Mozirjem

MapLojzava homestead,  Dutovlje

MapMatjaž's homestead,  Paha

MapMoj dom Tourist Farm,  Juršinci

Pirš excursion tourism

MapStiplošek homestead - Jožetov grič,  Sela

Šenk's homestead

MapThe Pri Papež homestead,  Strmec nad Dobrno

MapTK Škerlj,  Tomaj

MapTK Žiberna,  Štorje

MapTourism farm with accommodation Bordon,  Dekani

MapTourist farm Perk,  Logarska Dolina

MapTourist farm Abram - Žerjal,  Sveto

MapTourist farm Ancel,  Zgornje Jezersko

MapTourist farm Arbajter,  Skomarje

MapTourist farm Arzenšek,  Stranice

MapTourist farm Bajuk,  Radovica

MapTourist farm Belec,  Železne Dveri

Tourist Farm Bencic

MapTourist Farm Birsa,  Brje

MapTourist farm Bizjak,  Orehovec

Tourist farm Bizjak

MapTourist farm Bogša,  Litmerk

MapTourist farm Borko,  Črešnjevci

MapTourist farm Breg,  Breg pri Golem Brdu

MapTourist farm Bukovje,  Primož pri Ljubnem

MapTourist farm Čebelji Gradič,  Serdica

MapTourist farm Čemas,  Zilje

MapTourist farm Davčen,  Četena Ravan

MapTourist farm Dobrinja,  Lopar

MapTourist farm Dolenčevi,  Sajevče

MapTourist farm Domačija Stojan,  Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu

MapTourist farm Druzovič,  Drbetinci

MapTourist farm Dujčeva domačija,  Škoflje

MapTourist Farm Ferencovi,  Krašči

MapTourist Farm Firbas,  Cogetinci

MapTourist Farm Francinovi,  Avber

MapTourist farm Frank & Ozmec,  Slamnjak

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