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Variety of materials – wealth of creativity

Slovenian regions are strongly characterised by their local natural materials, which have been the fundamental modes of creative expression for centuries.

Such natural material of the Primorska region and Slovenian Istria is stone, which was used not only for building but also for handcrafting numerous useful and decorative items. Today, stone is the basic working element for stonemasons, particularly in the Karst region.

One part of Slovenia's Alpine region is characterised by sheep fleece, the basic natural ingredient for a wide range of knitwear and felt products. It goes without saying that a very large part of Slovenia is marked by wood.

As a matter of fact, wood is the number one material in Slovenia, and it is used in the widest-ranging spheres of handcrafting. Practically the same goes for wicker, wood shavings, and straw.

Alongside clay, straw is the creative material that has most profoundly marked the Slovenian Pannonian Plain, specifi cally its northeastern and southwestern parts. Many centuries ago, the regions's clay deposits – giving clays of various textures and colours – gave rise to what later evolved into some of the nation's biggest pottery centres.

So there is ample opportunity for you to take at least a part of the nature, creativity and memories of Slovenia and its people back to your cultural background.

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