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Podsreda footpath

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There are only few places where natural and cultural heritage intertwine so uniquely and diversely as in Podsreda and its surroundings. Visitors can take the immense possibilities for experiencing nature and cultural monuments. Podsreda Footpath follows the paths and cart tracks used in old times and it connects the points of interests around Podsreda. Along the footpath you can discover churches, beautiful streams, rivers and their gorges, mills, rare habitats, castles, forests, monuments to important people from history, natural phenomena, legends, past lifestyle, old orchards and local inhabitants. Dear visitor, take a walk full of surprises and enjoy the outstanding images of nature and culture. Take the research possibilities and meet the local people. Enjoy the moments of pleasure and relaxation. Lenght: 32 km Basic footpath: 19 900 m Podsreda Square – Podsreda Castle – Ruscus Aculeatus habitat – hay barn – Kolar's Farmhouse – the Trebčica spring – Olimska gora – the Sušica valley – Gradišče – Kukovič's Mill – Rožce – Podsreda Square Path sections: Podsreda Square – Levstik’s Mill 200 m Castle Pond – Florjan’s Chapel – Kos Farmhouse 2700 m a turn to Loke – Loke 2500 m Hay barn – Javeršek’s Farmhouse with lime-kiln and Neža’s House – Kolar’s Farmhouse 2000 m Kolar’s Farmhouse – Trebče Guesthouse 150 m Information point at the Trebčica spring – spring location 100 m The Sušica Valley – Trebče 1800 m A deserted farm Kodrin – Stare Svete gore 850 m Bridge over the Bistrica – Stare Svete gore – the Sušica valley 2200 m Information points: 64 Starting point: Podsreda Square, a cultural and settlement memorial Duration: 2-3 days Guide: A Guide to Podsreda Footpath (135 pages) and a free brochure available in Administration Centre Guided walks: Kozjanski park, Podsreda 45, Podsreda, tel.: 03 800 71 00  


GPS Northing (N) : 46,0468 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,6029 
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Administrator : Turizem Podčetrtek g.i.z. | ++386 3 810 90 13 |
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