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Adventure Valley d.o.o.

Luče 103, 3334 Luče
+386 51 606 410, +386 51 606 420
Adventure Valley is outdoor agency with young, motivated team of sport enthusiast and are organizing active holidays in Slovenia.

We are located in peaceful Upper Savinja Valley on the northern part of Slovenia, in the heart of Kamnik Savinja Alps. This area is combined of numerous hills, mountains and peaks, which are divided with beautiful glacial valleys.  High rock walls, wild canyons and beautiful alpine river Savinja are perfect for: canyoning, kayaking, hiking, climbing, biking and other activities in pristine nature.

We organize active holidays, take care of all transportation needed and provide accommodation and local food.
Choose your own adventure:
Green Family Adventure
*7 half boards and 4 the most popular family adventures in Upper Savinja valley with accommodations on our mountain Tourist farms

1. Day: Arrival to accommodation and short welcome meeting with Adventure valley guide.

2. Day: Climbing in Logarska Valley climbing garden
On entry to Logarska Valley you can find perfect place for organized rock climbing. Nature created up to 20-meter-high walls, where rock climbing routes are equipped made with grades of difficulty from IV to IX. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber – you will enjoy every moment spent here. You will be in hand of experiences climbing guide, who will explained everything about rock climbing and guide you securely on climbing routes. You need comfortable sportswear and we will help to organize complete climbing equipment.

3. Day: Miniraft; Explore river Savinja on mini raft.
Explore river Savinja on mini raft. We will start some km down from Luče. During the 10 km long ride on Savinja you will experience alpine river streams combined with wild rapids and also be able to take a swim in a pool. All you need is your swimsuit and a towel and we will take care of the rest.

4. Day: Relax time; Time for your short exploring brake. In the surroundings is famous Snow cave, with its magnificient ice formations or you can visit wunderfoul valley Robanov kot… We will by happy to river streams combined with wild rapids and also be able to take a swim in a pool. All you need is your swimsuit and a towel and we will take care of the rest.

5. Day: Mountain sheppards route
The Shepherd’s Route takes us to old shepherd’s routes and mountain pastures (meadows) on the Dleskovska Plateau where the cattle still pasture. During the hike you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view on the Rogatec, the Lepenatka, the Velika Planina Mountain and the Raduha in the south and the Dleskovska Plateau in the north… Meantime we will aford the real Shepherds lunch. Equipment: appropriate hiking clothing and footwear

6. Day: Relax time; Maybe you can visit the only one hour distant capital city Ljubljana...

7. Day: Canyoning in CUC waterfall
This 200-meter-high canyon is situated 5km from Luce in the direction of Kamnik. We will reach the canyon by car and take a 45-minute-long walk in an attractive mountain trail that will bring us to the entrance of the canyon. Together with the ascent this canyoning adventure with adrenalin rope descents lasts 2-3 hours. You need swimming suite, a towel and sport shoes.

8. Day: Departure day; Unfortunately every thing has an end and every end of a good think come to soon☺ See you next time.

Price from: 380 EUR
The price includes all activities, accommodations with half board, transfers costs to activities and lunches from description.  Price depends on the type of accommodation you select.

GPS Northing (N) : 46,3556 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,743 

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Administrator : TIC Luče | ++386 3 839 35 55 |
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