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Full Day Tour of the SOČA river
Section: Zmuklica / Lepena - Trnovo

Duration: up to 7 hours including transportation time

Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate (I - IV)

This tour is our most beloved offspring because it borders on a small expedition. Its length allows you to look deeper into the secrets of the Soca.

Water levels permitting, we will embark on our journey at the township of Lepena. From here we will paddle the Bunker rapids and the narrow channel of Gerklca. If the water is too low, we will start under the 3rd Soca channel and will cruise down the Brijeka and the rapids of Foutenca after which the river Koritnica will join us from the west. The force of two rivers creates the majestic rapids of Slatenik. We will take a break under the bridge to the village of Cezsoca, where we will enjoy morning tea and allow time to take in and discuss individual impressions of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

From here on, the Soca becomes less wild and more playful and for 10kms we will enjoy the breadth and energy of her waterways, as we stand witness to her preparation for a final decent towards Trnovo and Kobarid. The most physically exhilarating part of our journey will begin at the Srpenica. Before embarking on this section, we will rest a while, maybe have a swim, learn the basics of white water rescue, and enjoy each other's company - whatever inspires us. After 5kms of what can be a real river rodeo we will come to Trnovo and the end of our tour. In the event that the watermark is too high, we will conclude our journey at Srpenica.

This tour is our specialty because it epitomizes the philosophy behind the BOVEC SPORT CENTER. We believe that every experience is multidimensional. The mere enjoyment of sport without an appreciation for natural esthetics and human closeness results in an incomplete picture. This is why we take our time and emphasize the importance of the relationship between the host, tour guides and our guests. We want to bring you close to the beauty of the mountains and for us, there is no greater pleasure than to create an unforgettable day, especially for those that may be joining us for the first time.

Raft descent BOKA
Section: Boka / Srpenica 1 - Trnovo

Duration: 3 hours including transportation time

Degree of Difficulty:

Intermediate (II - IV)

This is a classic descent, which can be arranged either in the morning or the afternoon. There are two tours each day. This is an adrenalin rodeo not the the fainthearted.

Raft descent ČEZSOČA
Section: Čezsoča - Srpenica 1

Duration: up to 3 hours including transportation time

Degree of difficulty: Easy (I - II)

This is an easy and relaxing rafting tour, ideal for those that do not care for surprises. It is also suitable for groups who need to cater for the smallest common denominator.

Appropriate for the dreamy sightseer, who seeks enjoyment of the mountains from a unique and peaceful perspective. Perhaps a retiree or student group or simply someone who doesn't like big doses of excitement - this tour provides the perfect balance of serenity, enjoyment and safety - the perfect peaceful Soca river experience.

Customized rafting tours
If you are looking to cater for a larger group - we are also able to customize a rafting trip to suit your specific needs. This type of offering is highly suitable when combined with some of our other tour offerings and we will gladly collaborate on the design of a unique package for your group.


guided tour 

RATES (Euro):

Full day tour of the SOČA river, including picnic (Zmuklica or Lepena - Trnovo 1)

Raft descent"BOKA" (Boka or Srpenica 1 - Trnovo 1)

Raft descent "ZMUKLICA" (Zmuklica - Boka)

Raft descent "ČEZSOČA" (Čezsoča - Boka)

Customized raft descent... (for bigger groups)
By arrangement


Payment options
Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, Activa 

GPS Northing (N) : 46,338 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,5511 
Notice of discounts : D I S C O U N T S (discounts exclude among each other)

scholars, students, families, groups of 20 and more persons

participants of two or more of our activities, groups of 10 and more persons

The rates are "All inclusive" (rental equipment, driving services, guiding, insurance...).

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