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As you enjoy Slovenian food and wine, the circumstances that resulted in the Slovenian proverb that love comes through the stomach will become clear. The delights of Slovenian cooking, hidden in old recipes, are now available at almost every turn. Food with tradition can be seen in family inns, special events called osmice and rural experiences. Its faithful companions are the excellent Slovenian wines.
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Slovenian wines

Slovenian wines not only convince us of their quality with taste and aroma, but also radiate love, effort and ...

Food and wine delights

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Forget diets and calorie counting.

Gostilna Slovenija brand

Discover the noble tastes of Slovenian dishes and regional and house specialties at inns under the “Gostilna ...

Let's enjoy without borders

You can visit tourist farms and inns in Slovenia and Austrian Carinthia practically unhindered.

Dishes and Recipes

Get to know typical Slovenian dishes, which occasions to serve them on and the secrets of their preparation.


The wide range of Slovenian restaurants will satisfy even the most demanding guest. Choose the best for yourself ...


The inn is the heart of Slovenian hospitality. After your first satisfactory visit, you will love to come back.

Wine roads

All Slovenian wine-growing districts have organised wine roads on which you can try excellent Slovenian wine.


Head for the Karst and find out why osmice have survived all political regimes. Enjoy mouth-watering teran wine ...

Wine cellar

In suitably cool wine cellars, and under the careful supervision of Slovenian winemakers, some of the best wines ...

Protected foodstuffs

Get to know Slovenian foodstuffs that have been protected due to their geographical characteristics and features.

Culinary Experience

Culinary events in the Slovenian countryside bring people together and make friends out of strangers.

Culinary regions

Experience the wealth of diversity of Slovenian cuisine and learn about its specialities in 24 culinary regions.

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Food & Wine with European Youth Card
Slovenia is a hospitable country. Take the opportunity and visit exquisite restaurants which offer ...
Slovenian evening


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