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Prleška gibanica

Dough: 75 dg of smooth or mixed flour, salt, 1 egg, 1 spoon of white oil,
(can be sunflower oil), 1 spoon of vinegar, lukewarm water

Filling: 1 to 1.25 kg of cottage cheese, 3 eggs, salt, ½ l of sour cream, 20 dg of butter (margarine or lard), 2 to 4 spoons of sugar, handful of raisins, fat for baking tin.

From the ingredients listed above make dough which should be thoroughly kneaded. Rest the dough for two hours or more in order to roll it out easier. The rested dough should be rolled out on a table cloth sprinkled with flour. It should then be left for some time to dry. Prepare a round ceramic baking dish and grease it with butter or fat. Then spread the rolled-out dough over the dish. The dough which hangs over the edge should be cut into 7 or 8 pieces. The first layer of the dough should be spread with melted butter, covered with another layer of dough then a thick layer of filling. Continue in this way until all the prepared ingredients are used. Washed raisins can be sprinkled over the filling if desired, and sprinkle cream over each layer of dough before covering with filling.
There should be two layers of dough on the base, then filling, continuing in this way we should have four layers of dough and three of the filling. To finish, pour cream over the top of the ''gibanica''.
''Gibanica'' can be baked in a wooden stove or a conventional oven at a temperature of 200°C. When it is baked it should be sprinkled with sugar.
GPS Northing (N) : 46,5193 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,1944 
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