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From beer to wine - from Grosuplje to Novo mesto / In the land of cviček and friendly people

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• Accommodation with half-board or lunch/dinner on the following tourist farms: Grofija in Vir pri Stični, Obolnar in Dolenja vas pri Čatežu, Pri Deželanu in Hrastno near Šentrupert, Domačija Novak in Sadinja vas, Pr' Martinovh in Gradišče near Šentjernej, Domen in Šmarješke Toplice, Šeruga in Selo pri Ratežu and Pri Selakovih in Dobrava pri Škocjanu, where you can taste delicious local dishes and excellent wines, by previous arrangement.

• Accommodation in apartments on tourist farm Pri Papeževih in Banja Loka, by previous arrangement.

- You can try house beer and have a snack in pub and brewery Anton in Grosuplje.

- You can taste chosen regional dishes and wines on the following excursion farms as well: Lamovšek in Mirna vas pri Trebelnem, Pri Fajdigat in Temenica near Šentvid pri Stični, Okorn in Pristava near Stična, Grič in Prečna near Novo mesto (Doberdrug Silvo), Colnar in Lešnica near Novo mesto and Žagar in Birčna vas near Novo mesto, by previous arrangement.

- You can also taste chosen local dishes and excellent wines in the following wine cellars: Colarič in Jablance near Kostanjevica na Krki, Jelenič in Globočice near Kostanjevica and Drča near Šentjernej (Marjan Gorišek), by previous arrangement.

- Visit the renovated toplar (traditional hayrack) Florijan, built in 1902, in Blato near Trebnje, where you can taste chosen regional dishes, by previous arrangement.

- Delicious local dishes and excellent wines are also offered in the Žagar Wine Cellar in Birčna vas near Novo mesto, where you can also take a tour of the farm.

- You can taste and buy chosen wines as well as visit the cellars of the following winemakers along wine roads: Brcar in Hom near Šentrupert, Bajnof in Sevno near Trška Gora, Krkin hram in Trška gora, Colnar in Lešnica, Pri Deželanu in Hrastno, Lamovšek in Mirna vas, Colarič in Jablance near Kostanjevica na Krki, Jelenič in Globočice near Kostanjevica and Drča near Šentjernej, by previous arrangement.

Visit Županova jama (Mayor’s Cave), a true underground gem of the Slovenian Karst, located near the village of Velike Lipljene, south of Grosuplje. The cave consists of seven magnificent halls connected by 600 metres of paths.

- You can find numerous possibilities for relaxing and recreation in center Toplar Florijan in the village of Blato near Trebnje, near the pond Blato and in the immediate vicinity of toplar (traditional hayrack) Florijan, by previous arrangement.

- You can see fallow deer and haflinger horses on the organic excursion farm Grič in Prečna near Novo mesto, by previous arrangement.

Visit Mirna Castle in Mirna, a sleeping beauty from the 11th century.

- You can swim and relax in the pools of Šmarješke toplice.

- Take a walk in the old town center and see the rich cultural heritage of Novo mesto, or visit the Castle Grounds of Otočec, located on an island in the middle of the Krka river next to the 13th century Otočec Castle.

• There are numerous possibilities for hiking on marked theme trails: trails through the vineyards, the circular Cviček Trail, Trdina's Path, and Luknja Footpath.

• If you want to relax, you can rent a boat and go rowing, or go fishing or swimming in the Krka river, known as the beauty of Dolenjska; if you’re in the mood for some adventure, you can go rafting or kayaking on the upper section of the river from the village of Lese to Šmihel.

Culinary-related events
- »Cvičkarija« – Cviček Festival in Šentrupert, May
- Farmers’ Festival and Farmers’ Games in Mirna peč and in Trebelno
- “Iz Trebanjskega koša” (From the Trebnje Basket) in Trebnje, a traditional tourist event, June



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