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A tour of the Bizeljsko-Sremič Wine Route

• Accommodation with half-board or lunch/dinner on the following tourist farms: Klenovšek-Grobelnik in Podvrh near Zabukovje, Pudvoi in Stara vas in Bizeljsko, Pri Martinovih in Globočice near Krška vas, where you can taste delicious local dishes and wine from Posavje and Bizeljsko.

• You can also taste chosen regional dishes on the following excursion farms: Radej in Sremič near Krško, Vertovšek in Veliki Kamen near Koprivnica, Balon and Šekoranja in Pišece and Pintarič in Bizeljsko, or in the following restaurants: Pri Debeluhu in Brežice, Kocjan in Stara vas in Bizeljsko and Šekoranja in Bizeljsko.

• You can taste chosen wines in the House of vine and wine Kunej in Brestanica, where you will also learn about how vine seedlings are produced; by previous arrangement.

• You can buy apples and taste top-quality wines on the Jenšterle farm (Sadjarstvo in vinogradništvo Jenšterle) in Sremič and on the wine and fruit-growing farm Resnik in the village of Bučerca near Krško; by previous arrangement.

• Visit a repnica (wine cellar dug in sand), where you can taste and buy chosen wines from winemakers along the Bizeljsko-Sremič Wine Route: Pri Najgerju in Brezovica in Bizeljsko, Balon in Brezovica in Bizeljsko, Graben in Bizeljsko, Pudvoi in Stara vas in Bizeljsko, and Pri Kovačevih in Brezovica; by previous arrangement.

• You can taste and buy different herbal teas and herbs on the Fabinc farm, which specializes in growing herbs, in Črnc near Brežice; by previous arrangement.

• During fruit picking season you can buy fruit on fruit-growing farms in Zgornja Pohanca, Arnovo selo, Artiče, Dečno selo, Globoko, Piršenbreg, Vitna vas and in Dramlja; during the off-season you can buy fruit on the following farms, which have their own cold stores:

1. Darko Krošelj, Darsad, Zgornja Pohanca 4
2. Darko Jelčič, Oklukova gora 1,
3. Rudolf Petan, Arnovo selo 24,
4. Jože Rožman, Arnovo selo 26,
5. Anton Koršič, Arnovo selo 34,
6. Mitja Molan, Arnovo selo 36,
7. Janko Krošelj, Arnovo selo 50,
8. Jože Bogovič, Arnovo selo 52
9. Darja Lapuh, Artiče 8,
10. Vojko Šušterič, Vilja d.o.o., Piršenbreg 21 (you can also buy different fruit products such as vinegar, dry fruit, different types of brandy etc.)
11. Križančič Franc, Vitna vas 10

• Visit the 16th century Parish Church of St. Lawrence on a hill above the village of Bizeljsko (201 m).

• Visit the 15th century mediaeval Bizeljsko Castle, situated on a rocky hill above Bizeljsko; in the castle there is also a wine cellar, where you can taste excellent wines.

• You can go cycling on the Brežice bicycle trail, with a total length of 97 km.

• If you like fishing, you can fish in the rivers Krka, Sava and Sotla and in the pond in Prilipe.

• There are numerous possibilities for hiking on marked theme trails: Brežice Hiking Trail, Memorial Trail, Čatež Energy Path or European Hiking Trail E7.

• Visit the 16th century Brežice Castle. It hosts several interesting museum collections: archeological, ethnological, collection dedicated to the peasant uprising, art collection, recent history collection and memorial collection, in collaboration with the Posavje museum in Brežice and Mokrice castle.

• Visit Rajhenburg Castle in Brestanica, the oldest mediaeval castle in Slovenia, dating back to the 9th century, as well as many interesting exhibitions that it hosts.
• Built in the 20th century, the basilica of St. Mary of Lourdes in Brestanica is one of the most beautiful churches in Slovenia.

• For bird lovers, Jovsi is the place to be. It is the only remaining marshland area in Posavje with a great diversity of animal and plant species; its greatest treasure, however, is its rich birdlife. 

- Exhibition and evaluating of the Bizeljsko buckwheat cake in early spring on the tourist farm Bela gorca (Branko Balon), Bizeljsko.
- Blessing of Horses – on 26 December, in the churches of Kapele, Dobova, Pišece, and on 29 June in Stankovo



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