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Church of St. Stephen, Vipava

The church of Saint Stephen was built between 1460 and 1465. It is probably the work of Jorg Streit. Only the presbytery and a part of the nave wall remain from the original medieval church. The church was almost completely renovated in 1556, as it is stated on the side portals. At that time, a self-supporting tower was probably erected on its south-west side, since it is visible in Valvasor's representation of Vipava from 1679. In the 18th century, it was turned into a bell tower and topped with an onion dome. In the16th century it also functioned as a defence tower, since its base is oblique just like the defence towers of the surrounding manor houses from that period. Between 1679 and 1750, the church was extended towards the west, so it is now connected to the bell tower. At that time it was also renovated in the baroque style. The presbytery is covered with frescos, which were made in two phases. The frescos in the arch were painted by Franc Jelovšek and according to the archive documents date back to 1737 and 1738. The frescos on the walls were made by Janez Wolf in 1876 and 1877. On the walls there are paintings of colossal pillars, among which there are scenes from the Biblical story of Saint Stephen. Most of the protagonists have the facial features of the painter's contemporaries from Vipava. On the church vault there are Jelovšek's frescos from 1752 in three stucco frames. Going from east to west, these are: The four church fathers, Mary's Assumption with crowning, and The four evangelists. The main altar from white marble is a classicist work by the Gorizia's sculptor Giambattista Zipperla, and was erected in 1795. On the antependium of altar table there is a relief, The stoning of Saint Stephen. In the nave on the left side there is an altar, dedicated to Jesus' Name. The altar painting is attributed to the Venetian painter Francesco Pittoni. On the right side the altar is dedicated to Mother Mary. The altar of Saint Barbara in the north chapel, made from black and white marble, dates back to the 18th century. There is also a painting of Saint Barbara, which was painted by Francesco Anton Nierenberger in 1775, in the altar niche. The altar in the south chapel is dedicated to Jesus' Heart. The new church organ is the work of organ master Močnik.  

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