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Gostilna Mihelič Restaurant

Škrabčev trg 22 1310 Ribnica
++386 1 836 31 31, ++386 40 231 556
++386 1 836 31 31
At the Mihelič restaurant, you can really enjoy life. They serve excellent Dolenjska dishes including Ribnica štruklji and kolač, gluhi (“deaf”) štruklji, buckwheat and cornmeal žganci, bread and wild garlic dumplings, svaljki, buckwheat štruklji with cheese, various poticas, and fish and game (bear, venison, and wild boar) dishes year round, and in winter they serve homemade pork and sausages, blood sausage, homemade zašink, dried sausages, bacon, and homemade cheeses. 
Special feature:
Naturally, excellent open and bottled Slovene wines from various winegrowers are served as a perfect accompaniment to such delicacies.


Owner : Gregor Mihelič 
Seating inside : 150 
Seating outside : 25 

Food offer
home-made slovene dishes, venison dishes, fish dishes and seafruits, freshwater fish, vegetarian dishes, grilled dishes 

Cuisine of other nations
dalmatian dishes 

Particularity : Venison - young stag, bread dumplings, zganci porridge, cottage cheese struklji, ribniska trout, home-made salami, sausages (koznice, blood sousages), panceta bacons, cracklings. 

Additional offer
conference activity, dance-floor 

Garden for 120 persons by reservation. 
Working time : 09:00-22:00, Sunday: 08:00-18:00, Monday: closed 
GPS Northing (N) : 45,7383 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,7282 
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Age of children (at arrival)

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Administrator : Javni zavod Rokodelski center Ribnica | ++386 1 836 11 04 |
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