Amber Route

This is the route of enterprising people. Among them were the powerful Counts of Celje and the rafters of Koroška, who will invite you on an adventurous raft trip from Dravograd to Vuzenica.

The alpine farmers of the Logarska dolina valley will serve you characteristic mountain dishes, and old charcoal-makers will show you how to build an authentic charcoal pile.

Enterprising gardeners from the Mozirski gaj Botanical Gardens and the Volčji potok Arboretum will escort you through hectares of roses and tulips, and Maribor’s winemakers will invite you to a grape harvest on a winegrowers’ holiday . . .



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14 Slovenian natural spas

Terme Ptuj, Sava Hotels & ResortsMapPtuj

Thermana d.d., Hotels & ResortsMapLaško

All hostels

Youth Hostel CeljeMapCelje

Youth Hostel MC Šmartno ob PakiMapŠmartno ob Paki

Youth Hostel VelenjeMapVelenje


Apartmaji Carpe Diem***MapLaško

Oddaja sob Vladimir ŠilakMapPtuj

Terme Snovik****MapSnovik

Archaeological site

Črna, Mežica, Peca Underground, Lead and Zinc MineMapMežica

Architectural Heritage

Vila HerbersteinMapVelenje


Dobrna Thermal SpaMapDobrna

Beauty salon

Dobrna Thermal SpaMap 


Celje, Celje Old CastleMapCelje

Cultural and Historical Heritage

Celje, Celje Old CastleMap 

Gallery of Modern ArtMap 

The Old Vine HouseMapMaribor


BS LopataMapLopata

BS LukovicaMapLukovica pri Domžalah

BS Slivnica (II-V)MapRogoza

BS Slivnica (I-Z)MapSlivnica pri Mariboru

BS Šentilj (III-V)MapŠentilj v Slov.Goricah

BS Šentilj (I-Z)Map 

BS Tepanje (II-V)MapSpodnje Grušovje

BS Tepanje (I-Z)Map 

Gynecological diseases

Thermana d.d., Hotels & ResortsMapLaško


The Loka TrailMapDobrna

The Posavsko HillsMapLitija


Best Western Plus Hotel PiramidaMapMaribor

Hotel LeonardoMapSlovenska Bistrica

Hotel TaborMapMaribor

Injuries to locomotor organs

Terme Ptuj, Sava Hotels & ResortsMapPtuj

Thermana d.d., Hotels & ResortsMapLaško

Jewels of nature

The Old Vine, the oldest vine in the worldMapMaribor


Dobrna Thermal SpaMapDobrna

Metabolic disorders

Terme Ptuj, Sava Hotels & ResortsMapPtuj


Žiče Carthusian Monastery and GastužMapSlovenske Konjice

Motorhome and RV parking spots

Zreče Health ResortMapZreče

Museums and galleries

Coal-mining Museum of SloveniaMapVelenje

Muzej LaškoMapLaško

The Eco-Museum of Hop-Growing and Brewing Industry in SloveniaMapŽalec

The museum of forestry and timber industryMapNazarje

The museum of Modern HistoryMapCelje

The Old Vine HouseMapMaribor

Nature Parks

The Logar valley Landscape ParkMapLogarska Dolina

Neurological illnesses

Terme Ptuj, Sava Hotels & ResortsMapPtuj

Thermana d.d., Hotels & ResortsMapLaško

Neurotic disturbances

Terme Ptuj, Sava Hotels & ResortsMapPtuj

Private Room

Oddaja sob Vladimir ŠilakMap 

Rheumatic illnesses

Terme Ptuj, Sava Hotels & ResortsMap 

Thermana d.d., Hotels & ResortsMapLaško

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