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Around the year 1400 the settlement Dolena was put under the administration of Ptujska Gora. Children visited the school in St. Duh (Sv. Duh) situated in the region of Haloze, whereby the parish was in the vallage St. Trinity (Sv. Trojica).
The settlement lies south of the river Dravinja, 230 metres above sea level, and is predominantly mountainous. The local comunity of Dolena once comprised following hamlets: Dolena, Hodoše, Dobrova, Peklača, Rakošak, Raztoke, Srnjakovec, Stojana vas and Bolečka vas. Above the Dravinja river, north-east under Sv. Janez (the church was first mentioned in 1567) there was once a castle Dobrava or "Stari grad". This church was donated by Ulrik Dolenjski to the, at the period founded, church at Ptujska Gora. In 1615 this castle came together with Ptujska Gora under the administration of the Jesuits from Leoben but later in 1773 it was put under the control of the church fund. Later owners rebuilt the castle and in 1907 the loan society of Ptuj took over the ownership. During the war the castle was pulled down. South of Dobrava we find the hamlet "Turška graba", the name of which reminds us of Turkish incursions between the years 1529 and 1532. The basic economic line is viticulture. The local community of Dolena comprises three vallages - Dolena, Zg. Pristava an Popovci. It numbers 533 inhabitants. In Zg. Pristava there are two monuments reminding us of heavy fighting that raged in this area during the World War Two. The settlement is also known for its cultural heritage, which was preserved till today, especially folk musik and folklore. The folk tradition was preserved through centuries - it is an art and a national welfare which enriches our modest countryman. Also nowadays we love to sing and dance by old folk customs in the village.

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GPS Northing (N) : 46,329 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,8159 
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