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Lanthieri manor house in Vipava, Vipava valley

Glavni trg 16 5271 Vipava
The Lanthieris were eager builders. In Vipava alongside numerous springs of the Vipava River, just beside the old Baumkirchner castle, they constructed a manor house in the middle of the 17th century.

Its exterior is decorated with beautiful stuccos. The manor house is said to have been built in 1669 and it is a typical example of Venetian architecture. Primarily, it was more modest.

It got its baroque image in 1762, when the Lanthieris renovated it.
The architecture of the manor house was influenced by the Venetian baroque architectural style and was built around 1659 by the aristocratic family, Lanthieri. They moved to Vipava in the second half of the 15th century, after the count of Lanthieri married the last descendent of the aristocratic family Baumkircher and became the owner of the Baumkircher property. The manor house was completed when the park in front of it was extended and formed in 1702, which is the year stated above the portal of the chapel. In front of the manor house there was a large park area with putti statues, which represent the classic baroque repertoire of secular ambience, personifying the seasons, as well as carrying shields with the coat-of-arms of the owners, but they also most likely represent the four elements and the personifications of sins, virtues and art. The entrance into the park is marked by the entrance portal, which is followed by the park area, split into 12 quadrants, with a fountain. The arrangement of the putti statues around the park was certainly aligned with the iconology of the whole, which reflected the idea of the owner. The next segment of the park was an avenue, planted with trees on both sides, which extended to the River Vipava on the West. New outbuildings were built along the park, whereas the old outbuildings behind the manor house were renovated and completed in 1767. They then formed a symmetric complex of buildings, closed from three sides. A spatial line, running from the park through the entrance hall of the manor, over the little bridge, to the backyard, continued here to the newly built rustic portal and the second little bridge by the source of the River Vipava, leading to the place where once a pavilion and a wine cellar stood. The Lanthieri family hosted many important people in Vipava, from the pope Pius VI., emperors Leopold I. and Carl VI, to the Venetian comedy writer Carlo Goldoni and the painter Rosalba Carriera. The manor house in Vipava was an important administrative, cultural and social centre of the upper Vipava valley. In the First World War it was almost devastated, because it was used as a hospital, and after the war it became more and more desolate. After the Second World War the complex was nationalized and the manor house was used as a house of culture for the Yugoslavian army. After 1991, the complex was taken over by the Vipava municipality. The residential area of the Lanthieri manor house was renovated in 2012. Since 2013 it has been used by the University of Nova Gorica for its pedagogic and research activities.  

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