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Animals on and by the river Drava

Maribor 2000 Maribor
Stroll along the banks of the river Drava and admire and get acquainted with the colourful company of its “inhabitants”, which have colonised the water banks and river bottom. Swans, black-headed gulls, ducks which bring additional life to Lent, as they let you feed them!

Birds, you will meet along the Drava

In the region of Maribor the river Drava hosts over 90 different species of birds, of those approximately a third are nesting birds, the remaining only stay with us for the winter (wintering species) or due to stopping overnight and feeding. At the island Mariborski otok on the river you will most frequently come across the following species of birds: Grebe, Greylag geese, Mute swans, Mallard ducks, Common kestrel, Black coots, Black-headed gulls, Pigeons, Tawny owl, Kingfishers and large Woodpeckers …

And what is life like in the water?

Also under the surface of the water life is diverse – there live numerous species of cyprinoids from the carp family, Carp, Barbel, Golobčka, Sabljarko, Sneep, Blicca bjorkna, Whiting, Rudd, Vimba vimba, Grass carp, Silver carp and others.


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