Vineyard cottages

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The green hills of the Posavje wine region are dotted with cottages where the inhabitants of the region come to relax and enjoy themselves with friends. Now some of these vineyard cottages are available for hire, offering you an opportunity to rest and relax or enjoy an active break in peaceful natural surroundings. You can enjoy wonderful views and sample local food and drink, including Cviček, one of Slovenia's most distinctive wines.
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Vineyard cottages, , The green hills of the Posavje wine region are dotted with cottages where the inhabitants of the region come to <strong>relax</strong> and <strong>enjoy themselves</strong> with friends. Now some of these vineyard cottages are available for hire, offering you an opportunity to <strong>rest and relax</strong> or enjoy an <strong>active break</strong> in peaceful natural surroundings. You can enjoy <strong>wonderful views</strong> and sample <strong>local food and drink</strong>, including <strong>Cviček</strong>, one of Slovenia's most distinctive wines. <div style="width: 100%; color: red" id="ReadMoreSeparator">---------------------------------------------------------------------------</div><br />Vineyard cottages are a feature of the Dolenjska, Bela Krajina and Bizeljsko-Sremič wine districts. They stand on the edge of vineyards, on the<strong> sunny sides of hills</strong>, and offer wonderful views over the surrounding landscape. Built and maintained with care and love by the local people, for many they represent a second home. Traditionally, only friends are invited to a vineyard cottage, but now their owners wish to share them with you. If you are seeking authenticity, tranquillity and relaxation in the countryside, you are sure to fall in love with them. <br /><br /><h2>A homely environment <br /></h2><br />The vineyard cottages that are available for hire have <strong>modern fixtures and fittings</strong> and offer everything you need for a <strong>comfortable stay</strong> (kitchen, living/dining area, bedroom, bathroom, WC, TV, balcony or terrace). The cellars of vineyard cottages are used to store barrels of <strong>wine</strong>, which the hospitable owner will invite you to taste when you arrive. You can also sample the local wine in the area's <strong><a href="/en/Vinska-klet.htm?vinska_klet=0&lng=2" target="_self">wineries</a></strong> and <strong><a href="/en/Izbrano-za-vas/Vinotoči/search-selected.htm?podezelje_1=0&srch=1&srchtype=sel&sqlst=253&hh=1&lng=2" target="_self">wine shops</a></strong>, while a vineyard cottage holiday is also an opportunity to discover the <strong><a href="/en/Uživajmo-brez-meja.htm?uzivajmo_brez_meja=0&lng=2" target="_self">culinary specialities</a></strong> of this part of Slovenia, available at local restaurants and agritourism farms. A vineyard cottage is also an excellent choice of accommodation for those who want to <strong><a href="/en/Aktivne-počitnice.htm?aktivne_pocitnice=0&lng=2" target="_self">spend an active break</a></strong> in the countryside. <br /><br /><h2>Hikers, cyclists, horse riders, anglers… <br /></h2><br />The area around the vineyard cottages is crisscrossed by a variety of themed trails for <strong><a href="/en/Pohodništvo.htm?pohodnistvo=0&lng=2" target="_self">hiking</a></strong> or <strong><a href="/en/Kolesarjenje.htm?kolesarjenje=0&lng=2" target="_self">cycling</a></strong>. <strong><a href="/en/Jahanje.htm?jahanje=0&lng=2" target="_self">Horse riding</a></strong> trails are also available. The region has a total of 1,400 kilometres of paths and trails. <br /><br />If you are a <strong><a href="/en/Lov.htm?lov=0&lng=2" target="_self">hunter</a></strong> or <strong><a href="/ribolov=0&lng=2" target="_self">angler</a></strong>, local hunting and fishing clubs will help you make all the necessary arrangements for your hunting or fishing trip. Vineyard cottages are also an attractive option for <strong><a href="/en/Golf.htm?golf=0&lng=2" target="_self">golfers</a></strong>, with the <strong><a href="/en/-ctg-kraji/Otočec.htm?_ctg_kraji=2849&lng=2" target="_self">Otočec</a></strong> and <strong><a href="/en/golf/Golf-igrišče-Mokrice.htm?golf=39&lng=2" target="_self">Mokrice</a></strong> golf courses both within easy reach. Or you may prefer spa and wellness programmes at Terme Krka's natural health resorts in <strong><a href="/en/zdravilisce/Terme-Šmarješke-Toplice.htm?zdravilisce=25&lng=2" target="_self">Šmarješke Toplice</a></strong>

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