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Dolenjske toplice Spa 8350 Dolenjske Toplice
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Once a healing pool, today a modern wellness centre

According to an ancient legend, the first to discover the beneficial effects of the thermal
waters of Dolenjske Toplice was the sexton’s dog. It is said that the owner found his injured dog at a thermal pool, bathing its injury in the warm water. The written history of Dolenjske
Toplice dates back to 1228. Half a millennium later, in 1776, the Hotel Vital was built here, followed in 1899 by the Hotel Kristal. Both hotels are still open today. You can enjoy the thermal water in the hotel pools and at the Balnea Wellness Centre, which extends over an area of 9,200 m2 and guarantees that even the most demanding guests will be properly pampered.

To health and wellness through water, nature and knowledge
Experienced and highly trained experts provide a wide range of programmes for relaxation, pampering and strengthening health. With both preventive and curative programmes, which are carried out in the Medical Rehabilitation Centre, the modern medical equipment of the health
resort is also important. The beneficial effects of the thermal water are proven, while the beautiful
Dolenjska countryside contributes to feelings of wellbeing.

Precious pleasures for two
A wide range of pampering programmes for couples. So that you can devote attention to each other and find valuable time for shared pleasures. All in a beautiful environment that stimulates romance and strengthens the flames of tenderness.

Dolenjske toplice Health Resort 1 (360°)
Dolenjske toplice Health Resort 2 (360°)


The right choice for those who enjoy life and value tradition
- centuries of experience
- Balnea wellness centre: a paradise of pampering
- medical centre
Discover how ancient experience is revitalised  by modern knowledge. Relax and find new strength at the Balnea wellness centre. Choose  one of two hotels with a fine tradition or stay  in our recently renovated campsite, open all year round.
Fuentes naturales, indicaciones y servicios :

Health care

Natural healing resources
Thermal water – slightly mineralised, at human body temperature (36 °C)


- rheumatic diseases of the locomotor system (chronic inflammatory rheumatism, chronic degenerative rheumatism, extra-articular rheumatism)
- injuries and operations to the locomotor system with functional deficiencies
- osteoporosis
- gynaecological diseases (post-operative conditions following reproductive system and breast surgery)


- diagnostics: densimetric measurement of bone density, ergometry, ultrasound, laboratory tests
- physical therapy: group exercise, individual exercise, physiofitness, anti-pain electrotherapy, electrostimulation, galvanic baths, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, underwater massage, baths, parafango, cryomassage, paraffin compresses, spine traction, kinematic splint pressotherapy, etc.


- curative programmes: treatment program for osteoporosis, treatment program for rheumatism, program for easing back pain
- preventive programmes: preventive health recreation programme, programme for company employees


- massages: classic massage, aromatherapy, anti-cellulite massage, sport massage, shiatsu, reflex zone foot massage, LaStone body massage (with hot and cold stones), Tibetan sound massage, Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian massage, chocolate massage, honey massage, grape skin massage
- massage baths for two: Zeus or Jasmine bath for two, vanilla-coconut exotic bath, candlelit milk bath
- Vitasalin Vitality Centre, bioenergy room, flotation
- programmes for couples
- weekend programmes
- facial and body care
- micro-current beauty treatment for face and body
- anti-cellulite treatments
- minimally invasive methods for a more attractive look and a better self-image - botox, jet peel, dermal fillers, chemical exfoliation

rheumatic diseases, neurological diseases, neurotic disorders, injuries to the locomotor system, gynecological diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases 

Recreación y entretenimiento :

Balnea spa centre
9,200 m2 of pleasure:
- LAGUNA: indoor and outdoor swimming pools, with water and air massage (32°C)
- OAZA: Finnish and aroma saunas, sanarium, Turkish steam bath, Japanese sweat bath, tropical garden, Zen room, outdoor Finnish sauna, naturist terrace
- AURA: massage, facial and body care, manicure, pedicure, and other forms of relaxation, regeneration, and body sculpting
- hotel vital: thermal pools (36°C), Cave Pool and Prince’s Pool
Senalización de las excursiones : Everyday variegated offer of animation programme offers relaxing and educational contents to our guests:
- recreational guided hikes, Nordic walking, stretching, yogalates, morning walks with stretching and breathing exercises, aquafit, ...
- lectures with health contents
- travelogues
- tea parties
- social gatherings
- various cultural events
- creative workshops
- trips around Dolenjska and Bela krajina, Krka River Valley, Novo Mesto, Otočec Castle, nearby slopes of Kočevski Rog, Pleterje, Kostanjevica, Bela krajina. 

Se puede pagar
American Express, Diners, bank card, Maestro, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, Activa, Karanta, credit cards 


- Hotel Balnea superior****
- Hotel Vital****
- Hotel Kristal****
- Kamp Dolenjske Toplice***: open all year round

Other facilities
- sports and recreation: swimming, cycling, tennis, hunting, fishing, basketball, archery, walks, boating, skiing, swimming lessons, swimming for babies
- conference/seminar tourism
- once a healing pool, today a modern wellness centre 

GPS Northing (N) : 45,7565 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,0583 

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Observación descuentos : Members of Club Krka are entitled to 10 % discount. Special discounts are also available for children. 
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Administrator : Terme Krka, d.o.o., Novo mesto | ++386 7 373 19 22 |
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