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Church of St. Joseph (Sv. Jožef) in Soča

The little church in the village of Soča was built as early as 1718 and was consecrated in 1823.

Additional construction was completed in 1893.

In 1944 it was entirely redesigned and repainted by Tone Kralj.
He applied oil paints with some amount of pure bee’s wax on old plaster, marble slabs, wood and canvas.
With symbols he modernized Biblical scenes in his particular style.
This is particularly evident in scenes depicting the Stations of the Cross and the struggle of Archangel Michael with Satan, where the foes of civilisation (Hitler and Mussolini) are depicted as God’s foes.

The interior of the church was designed by the painter in the colours of the Slovenian flag, and on the walls, except for the apostles and evangelists, he placed Slavic saints

Župnišče Soča 

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GPS Northing (N) : 46,3423 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,6673 
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