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Karavanke Natura 2000

Natura 2000 is a European ecological network of protected areas, defined by the Member States of the European Union. The project purpose is to preserve biotic diversity by protecting the habitants of endangered animal and plant species. In 2004 the Government of Republic of Slovenia defined Natura 2000 areas in Decree on special protection areas. 15.6 % or 1,179.78 ha of the territory of the Municipality of Jesenice is Natura 2000 area. A part of the territory of the Municipality of Jesenice is covered by three areas.  
The area of the Karavanke (Code: SI3000285, size 841.46 ha) in the Municipality of Jesenice covers the ridge from Dovška Baba to Hruški vrh, Rožca, Klek, Velika Golica and to Mala Golica and from Korenščica, Struška to Vajnež and Stol. Endangered animal species are butterflies Lorkovic's Brassy Ringlet and Tiger Moth, beetle Rosalia longicorn, Lesser Horseshoe Bat. Endangered plants are lady slipper orchids, Zois' bellflower and Marsh Gladiolus. There are also several habitat types. A part of Natura 2000 area is also in the territory of the Julian Alps (Code: SI5000019, size 337.2 ha), a part of which is Triglav National Park to the northern edge of Mežakla. This is the habitat of griffon vulture, golden eagle, peregrine falcon, hazel grouse, wood grouse, Eurasian pygmy owl, tengmalm's owl, common kingfisher, black woodpecker, three-toed woodpecker, whinchat, rufous-tailed rock thrush, red-breasted flycatcher, red-backed shrike, ptarmigan, black grouse and rock partridge. Dam of the Hydroelectric power station Vintgar is in the area Radovna in Sr. Radovna (Code: SI3000133, size 1.12 ha). European bullhead fish live in the river.  

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