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There are always many moments of pleasant hospitality to be added to your exploration of Slovenia. For that feeling of a home away from home, look to friendly landlords all over the country for private rooms, apartments and holiday homes. And at inns and pensions you will be received like old friends. Staying in private rooms and inns is a good opportunity to get to know the local customs, attractions and cuisine. 
There is a wide range of private rooms and apartments in Slovenia. The majority are rated at two or three stars, and offer relatively reasonable prices. Prices per person range from €15 to €50 a night. In some areas the local authorities prescribed a surcharge for single nights. Irrespective of private rooms generally being cheaper than hotels, apartment pricing is particularly suited to families or groups of at least four people.

Renting out private rooms is a regulated activity in Slovenia, which is used to fund local government, as the price of the room includes a tourist tax, which is set by the municipality in question. Private landlords should therefore issue you a receipt for their accommodation.

A warm welcome…

Private rooms are often part of the house where the landlord lives; sometimes they have separate entrances or are completely independent. Many private rooms offer breakfast.

Holiday homes can be rented, particularly in holiday resorts. The resorts also have apartments and bungalows available. Resort villages at holiday resorts may be attached to large hotels or natural health resorts, and offer the same services to those staying at the resort village that those staying at the hotel or natural health resort enjoy.

.. with delicious food

Slovenia’s inns offer accommodation, and good food, often in the best local style. Many are family-owned. Some pensions also offer excellent cuisine. The majority of Slovenia’s pensions and inns are rated at two or three stars. They all have parking.

New accommodation ratings

All accommodation operators in Slovenia had to undergo a new rating process in 2009 to ensure maximum international comparability and to raise the standard of service. All private rooms, inns and pensions rated at up to three stars were assessed by the landlords themselves, while those with four stars were appraised by qualified inspectors.


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