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Your mouth will water when you taste a slice of juicy Karst prosciutto, a piece of Tolminc cheese dipped in extra virgin olive oil from Slovenian Istria and chew with a piece of Belokranjska pogača. You should also taste the wonderful Prekmurska gibanica.

So as to make sure your appetite will not go crazy, we have only initially mentioned some of Slovenia's foodstuffs that have been protected due to their special features and quality, in accordance with the European legislation. The latter enables the awarding of three different protection types: protected designation of origin (also known as PDO), protected geographical designation (known also as PGI) and traditional speciality guaranteed (TSG).

Protected designation of origin

This group of foodstuffs includes those foodstuffs that are produced and prepared only in a specific geographical area and cannot be produced outside this area. Slovenia has five such foodstuffs: three cheeses – Bovec cheese, Tolminc and Nanos cheese, forest honey from Kočevje and extra virgin olive oil from Slovenian Istria.

Protected geographical designation

For the foodstuffs that can be registered in this group it must apply that at least one of the production or preparation stages in a geographical area must take place using a traditional method. In Slovenia, 6 dry-meat products are included among the eight protected foodstuffs in this group. In the Karst region, the bora wind helps to dry the Kraški pršut, Kraški zašink and Kraška panceta. The Cerkljansko region produces flat and oval Šebreljski želodci, while the Zgornja Savinja valley produces Zgornjesavinjski želodec. Prlekija in North-Eastern Slovenia is famous for its Prleška tünka, a specialty that obtained its name from a wooden bowl in which pork and minced lard are conserved. Eastern Slovenia is also famous for Ptujski lük – an autochthonous type of red onion and pumpkin seed oil from the Štajerska-Prekmurje region.

Traditional speciality guaranteed

This is the lowest protection level, awarded to foodstuffs whose traditional production or preparation differs from similar products. These foodstuffs can be prepared in a prescribed manner anywhere. In Slovenia, the following foodstuffs are registered in this way: potato cooked dumplings with filling - Idrijski žlikrofi, a tasty desert with several layers - Prekmurska gibanica and Belokranjska pogača, a flat cake served warm, smeared with beaten egg and sprinkled with salt.

The list is not yet complete

Since the procedures for the designation of protection are demanding and long-running, the list of Slovenian protected goods is not final yet. Still in the process of gaining these designations, for instance, are mohant cheese and kranjska klobasa (sausage).


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