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In Slovenia, it is easy to embellish a day with fun activities that will entertain you and provide relaxation. The offer is varied, especially for those who already have fun by trying out new things or experiences. You should become familiarised with some of our tips, which represent only a starting point for your inspiration.

Under the auspices of darkness

An appropriate time for fun activities is the evening, especially, and the night hours, when you wish for relaxation after a hard day. You can go for a delicious dinner in a Slovenian restaurant, relaxing conversation in one of the cafes or bars or dancing in a nightclub or discotheque.

A comedy at a Slovenian theatre or a stand up comedian performance, which have been becoming popular recently in Slovenia, will bring a smile to your face. Several entertainment events are offered in the evening; however, you can also decide to go to a concert by your favourite music performer or see a movie in the cinema.

For some people, seeing a sports match can also be fun and relaxing. If you feel lucky, you can also try your luck at a nearby casino.
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Night life

You do not want to go bed yet…don't worry. The doors of nightclubs, bars and discotheques are wide open.


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Youth centres and alternative culture

Numerous Slovenian towns have taken care of leisure activities for youth as well as alternative culture.


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Adrenaline Parks

Fill your body with adrenaline while improving your motor skills and balance high above ground.


Enjoy conversations in peace with your loved ones over a fine coffee without loud music.

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