Wine varieties

Slovenia simply cannot disappoint wine lovers, since there is an abundance of high-quality selections of wines. From 52 types of vines, 37 are white and 15 are red. 70% white wines and 30% red wines are produced in this way. If you consider that wine-makers decide on various types of harvests (late, selection, pearl, liqueur wines), methods of maceration and treatment (for instance, sparkling wines, pearl wines, liqueur wines), then the offer of wines becomes even bigger. It is important to know that almost 70% of Slovenian wines fulfil the criteria for quality and premium wines, while the others are table wines. Considering that a significant share of the production of Slovenian wines is represented by small wine-makers who use their wines for themselves and their loved ones, the market offers quite a quality selection.


Traditional and local wine varieties

The discovery of Slovenian wines can only begin with the tasting of traditional wine varieties. ...more

Internationally recognised wine varieties

Wines produced by all winemaking superpowers are equally good in Slovenia, or even better. ...more

Rare and autochthonous wine varieties

Zelen, pinela, klarnica and pikolit are only some of the many Slovenian autochthonous wine varieties. ...more


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