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+386 5 368 70 41
The Vipava valley is a valley of sun, wind and wine. This delightful corner of South-West Slovenia is a highly varied geographical area. Not surprisingly its climate mirrors its varied terrain with a unique blend of mild Mediterranean and continental Alpine temperatures that produce some very special grapes.

Viticulture is the main agricultural sector in this fertile valley (60%) and vines cover over 3000 acres of its total area (350 km²). The small, family-based vineyards are mainly concentrated on terraces in the higher areas where the excellent soil allows both white and red varieties to be cultivated.

Wine making was originally introduced to the Vipava valley over two thousand years ago by the Romans. Wine-making is regarded as a way of life here. Just as it was in 1689, when the famous Slovenian author and historian, Janez Vajkard Valvasor, published his classic description of the area, "The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola". In his book Valvasor claimed that the Vipava valley produced more wine than bread! Vipava even included a vine on its coat of arms!

In the Middle Ages the Vipava wines were particularly popular with the court in Vienna. Quality and dedication have always been the key to the superb wines produced here and local wine makers have always understood the need for research and new techniques. Not surprisingly the first book on wine cultivation was published here by Matija Vertovec and this is where the first agricultural school was established as well as the first wine association over a hundred years ago.

The unique climate in the Vipava Valley produces a host of classic whites, including Rebula, Sauvignon, Malvazija, Laški Rizling and Chardonnay and a wide variety of splendid reds, such as Merlot, Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon and Modri Pinot. However, what makes this area particularly special are its rare, autochthonous wines. Thanks to the perseverance of local producers and the adoption of modern production methods, many rare and ancient grape varieties have been re-established. This is the home of the exquisite Zelen and Pinela grapes. Two other very old and rare specialties are Klarnica and the unforgettable dessert wine Pikolit, which with its intense peach aroma and aromatic bouquet is a rare treasure for any palate.
Wine by the road :
The Vipava wine road is marked with brown directing boards and the individual households also have special boards with their names on the walls.

It is advisable to make your appointment before your visit.

Tic Vipava also organizes guided wine degustacions by local producers and offers the visitors all information about the offer of the Vipava countryside.
Hosts along the vine road :
You can find more about individual offerers and wine sorts they offer here and also on the web-page:

Monvi wines

Farm Volk, Erzelj 6
Farm-winery Volk, Erzelj 11
Winery Miška
Winery and winecellary Bizjak
Wine cellar Ferjančič

Fajdigov hram
Farm Ferjančič
Farm Furlan
Povh wine
Cejkotova household

Poljšak wines
Winery Andlovec
Wine cellar Avin
Farm Ferjančič

Family Nabergoj

Farm Fajdiga Ave
Farm Benčina
Turistic farm Rehar

Winery Jamšek

Pasji rep
Moser wines
Winery and winecellary Fabčič
Winery Potočnik

Moser wines
Winery Trošt

Winery and winecellary Rosa

Farm-winery Fabčič
Farm Furlan
Farm Lozej
Farm Sutor

Family Marc
Farm Na rovni
Farm Pregeljc
Farm-winery Rondič
Farm-winery Trošt
Farm Uršič
Farm-winery V malnu
Turistic farm Na hribu
Wine cellar Žorž

Agroind Vipava 1894 -
Vipava wine cellar

Farm Curk
Tomažič farm
Farm Žvokelj
Mežnarjeva farm
Winery Krapež
Škrlj wines 

individual, guided tour 

Vipava wine road and wine tasting - summer 2012:

View 150 Vipava wines in Vinoteka Vipava every day from 9.00 am to 19.00 pm.  (July and August) Info: +386 51 215 226

Visit the biggest wine cellar Vipava 1894. Not far from the center of Vipava is the wine cellar “Vipava 1894”, where you can taste high quality wine including the local “pinela” and “zelen. They are open from Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.  Advanced call is desired. Info: +386 5 367 12 00 (Matjaž)

Visit Poljšak wine cellar in Gradišče at Vipava. Taste 5 excellent wines with cold cuts (zelen, sauvignon, cabernet sauvignon, …). Price is 10 €/person. Open every day from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm. Info: +386 41 441 001 (Samo).

Visit Avin wine cellar at Gradišče at Vipava. They offer various high quality wine including the rare autochthonous sorts such as “pikolit”, “zelen” and “pinela”. Wine tasting is 1,00 €/sample with cheese. They will offer you also home made prosciutto and salami. Advanced call is desired. Info: +386 41 708 087 (Franc) or +386 40 166 040 (David). 

Visit Krapež wine cellar in Vrhpolje at Vipava. In 300 years old wine cellar enjoy a wine tasting (5 samples + cold cuts from 7,00 € on). In September, you can join the Vipava harvest time. Open every day from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm. Advanced call is desired. Info: +386 40 249 723 (Florjana). (close 1st to 10th of August)

Visit the st. Martin wine cellar in Brje (10 km from Vipava). Taste 6 wines + cold cuts. Open every day, advanced call is desired.  Info: +386 41 369 633 (Peter)

Visit Guerila wine cellar in Planina at Ajdovščina. In a modern wine cellar you can taste 5 wine samples + cold cuts from 8,00 €/person + , have a walk through the vineyards. Open every day. Info: +386 51 660 265 (Martin) or +386 51 622 602 (Blaž).  

Visit Pasji rep winery in Orehovica (7 km from Vipava) and taste 5 excellent wines + cold cuts (7,20 €). Take a walk through the Pasji rep vineyards and enjoy a view on the valley. Open every day from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Info: +386 40 423 282 (Samo)

Visit Miška wine cellar in Erzelj (8 km from Vipava, direction towards Štanjel). They offer wine tasting (including “pinela” and “zelen”). You can taste 5 + wines from 5,00 €/person. They offer cold cuts, soups, … Open every day from 6.00 pm on. Advanced notice is desired. Visitors can be picked up also in the centre of Vipava. Extra offer is guided tour through the Erzelj vineyards. Info: +386 41 583 955 (Primož).

Visit the wine cellar Štokelj in Planina (10 km from Vipava). Planina is known for many good wine makers and excellent wines, but they are specially proud of the autochthonous wine “pinela”. Taste high quality wines, wine tasting is from 7,00 € - 15,00 €/person. They are open every day from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm. Advanced call is desired. Info: +386 41 483 777 (Damjan) or +386 41 483 778 (Majda).

Visit the wine cellar Petrič in the village Slap. Kindly invited to taste high quality wines including “zelen” and “pinela”. Open every day, advance call is desired 1 hour before the visit. Wine tasting + cold cuts present is 22,00 €/person. Info: +386 41 991 210 (Urban).

Visit the wine cellar Sutor in Podraga. Wine tasting with cold cuts is 13,00 €/person.  Advance call a few days before the visit. Info: +386 31 395 797 (Mitja).

Wine tasting at Petrič wine cellar in Planina. Taste excellent wines including the autochthonous wine “pinela” and “zelen”. 5 samples + cold cuts is 5,00 €/person. Open every day from 12.00 am to 9.00 pm.  Info: +386 40 501 348 (Andrej) and +386 40 864 113 (Lucija).  

Wine tasting at Ferjančič wine cellar in Planina.  They offer high quality wines including “pinela” and “zelen”. They are open every day from 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm.  Info: +386 41 834 013 (Peter)

Wine tasting at Tomažič wine cellar in  Vrhpolje. They offer high quality wines, must to taste: muscatto, red and white cuvee. Wine tasting from 6,00 € + (5 samples). Open every day from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Info: +386 51 344 217 (Nejc)

Visitors of the Vipava wine road are invited also in Enotheque Vipava, located in the vicinity of Tourist info center Vipava. There you can choose between 150 different wines from Vipava valley. Find us on Facebook.


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