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Istria Wine Road

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Call it the “Koper winegrowing region,” “Slovene Istria,” or the “Šavrinski hills,” this region is always mystical with its Mediterranean climate, plant life, and outstanding wines: the red Refošk, the golden Malvazija, and the aromatic Rumeni Muškat. Excellent olive oil is produced here, and from here the first cherries and early vegetables are sent to markets further inland. Here, the Slavic and Roman cultures met, and Venetian splendour placed its stamp on three coastal towns. The Wine Road includes wine cellars, “osmice,” tourist farms, wine shops, local gostilnas . . . The Wine Road is divided into sections that lead to interesting places: from Socerb to Hrastovlje, from Kubed to Gradine, from Škofije to Debeli Rtič, from Dekani via Marezige and Truške to Koper . . .
In short, visitors should not leave without a map, except to go to the nearest “osmica” inn!
Information: TIC Izola, Sončno nabrežje 4, ++386 5 640 10 50 TIC Portorož, Obala 16, ++386 5 674 02 31 

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Titov trg 3 
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Fax : ++386 5 664 64 06 
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