Wine-growing regions and districts

The regions in Slovenia where the grapevine thrives have transformed through the centuries into three units. The South-Western part of Slovenia, the wine-growing region of Primorska, produces the most wine in Slovenia, around 40%. The entire Eastern and North-Eastern part of Slovenia is occupied by the wine-growing region of Podravje, while the South-Eastern part, according to surface and amount of produced wine, belongs to the smallest region, the wine-growing region of Posavje. Since there are certain differences within the regions with regard to winemaking and other geographical characteristics, the regions are subdivided into smaller wine-growing districts, which are further subdivided into wine-growing subdistricts. All Slovenian wine-growing regions produce quality and premium wines. 70% of all wines produced in Slovenia belong in this category.

The wine-growing region of Posavje

A region that has become famous for its special wine, cviček, offers a lot more. You should also pay attention to Bela krajina! ...more

The wine-growing region of Podravje

You should head for the tour that arouses the taste buds with white wines full of flavour with flower and fruit aromas. ...more

The wine-growing region of Primorska

The passionate wines of Primorska are produced in a region that is sunlit and blown through by the bora wind. ...more


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