Interpretive trails

Interpretive trails give an opportunity to learn more about natural phenomena, plants and animals, and traditional artisan crafts, in a relaxed manner. There are more than a hundred different interpretive trails organised in Slovenia, mostly running through forests. Many are in landscape parks, regional parks and forest reserves. All interpretive trails are equipped with information boards, and are thus generally aimed at hikers who want something more from their trip into the wild. Interpretive trails are accessible and undemanding. They can generally be walked in two hours, but some are longer.

By prior telephone arrangement you can get a guide for many of the interpretive trails. Along the trail you can learn important historical and geographical facts.

Most of the forest interpretive trails are managed by the Forest Service of Slovenia, and some by the Mountaineering Association of Slovenia and by local tourist organisations.
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Interpretive trails (46)
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MapAlong Rake to the Wild LakeIdrija

MapBeekeeping Education Trail on Cerknica LakeCerknica

Bela krajina beekeeping learning path

MapCastle Teaching TrailObrh pri Dragatušu

MapCheesemakers TrailBohinjska Bistrica

MapDovžanova soteska TrailTržič

MapEco-learning path of VrbjeVrbje

MapEducational forest trailDobrna

MapEducational trail of a poet Simon GregorčičVrsno

MapFairytale forestLogarska Dolina

MapFidova zijalka cave - Fida's groveLogarska Dolina

MapGradnik TrailDobrovo

MapGuided walk along the Logar valleyLogarska Dolina

MapHiking trails around Mirna goraSemič

MapHop trailŽalec

MapHubelj River Natural Science Education TrailAjdovščina

MapKarstic educational path from Lebica to KrupaSemič

MapKobarid History TrailKobarid

MapKonšca - Jolly good time in pasturesTržič

MapKozlov rob castleTolmin

MapMenišija Natural Education TrailCerknica

Miner's path

MapNaravoslovno kulturna potNazarje

MapNature trail GrahovoGrahovo

MapPath to Rahtelov vrhSlovenj Gradec

MapPilštanj footpathPilštanj

MapPlešivec, hiking pathSlovenj Gradec

MapPliska Teaching PathPliskovica

MapPodsreda footpathPodsreda

MapPrestreljeniški podi - Kanin interpretive nature trailBovec

MapRudnica & Virštanj geological learning trailVirštanj

MapSmall educational pathPreddvor

MapThe Aheolaeological Learning pathZgornja Slivnica

MapThe circular path: U1 – The green trail: SmokvicaSmokvica

MapThe cultural and historical trail of Most na SočiMost na Soči

The hiking trail: Through hamlets and past wells

MapThe Mašun Forest Educational TrailSnežnik

MapThe orchard of Dr. dergancSemič


MapThe Three-border Touristic RouteRateče Planica

MapThe Woodland Experience Path - Backwaters of the River MuraVeržej

MapTrenches of WW I TrailNova Gorica

MapVetrnik learning pathVetrnik

MapWalks of PeaceKobarid

MapZdenc-Vidovec Karst Education TrailBožakovo

MapŽupančič's Trail from Dragatuš to VinicaDragatuš

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