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TIC Haloze (Tourist information centre Haloze)
Haloze are pleasant world of  grapes, top quality wines and wine cellars. It starts on the west by Makole and leads in a relativelly narrow belt of 15-20 km in the direction southwest-northeast all the way to Zavrč in an air distance of approximately 40 km. Haloze is limited by the rivers Dravinja and Drava on the north,, and with Croatia on southeast. In whole, Haloze comprises approximately 30,000 hectares of surfaces, where around 21,000 inhabitants live in six municipalities (Zavrč, Cirkulane, Videm, Podlehnik, Majšperk, Žetale).
The wild Kelts started with viticulture in Haloze already 400 years B.C. Wine gave them courage and strength for further conquering. The spreading of winegrowers in newly won Roman regions was marked by immigrants and war veterans. Cristianity had also doubtlessly a large influence on development of viticulture because of the use of wine at God worshiping. Slavonic tribes who settled down in the parts of today´s Haloze, took over the way of how to cultivate vine from their ancestors.
Today´s winegrowers in Haloze are combining all traditional knowledges concerning cultivation and care of top wine with favourable climatic and other conditions, because only 5% of the worlds vine producing regions can boust themselves with such favourable conditions as we can.

You can come to visit us in Haloze on a one-, two-, or more-day trip to get-to-know our wine, culinary, etnohgraphic and historical side. It is also possible to spend the night on a tourist farm, in a apartment or a normal farm. You can also camp, have a picnic in nature, take a look at our landmarks, as are for instance castle Borl from the 11th century or the oldest gothic church on Ptujska Gora from the 14th century. You can degustate top wines in numerous wine cellars, and you can try some of our home-made specialities at farms in the tourist village Halonga. Nature lovers can take a walk in the intact nature of Haloze hills and take a look at the sights at our Wine tourist road 11, Haloze mountain path, the ecological path in Žetale or numerous other roads.

Halo d.o.o. (in english Halo Ltd.) organises and performs your visit of Haloze, that can contain the following activities:
- tasting of Haloze top wines
- visits of wine cellars
- viewing and degustation in castle Borl
- viewing of Mary´s church on Ptujska Gora
- visits of  places (Cirkulane, Dolena, Gorišnica, Leskovec, Majšperk, Podlehnik, Sela, Videm pri Ptuju, Stoperce, Zavrč, Žetale). 
- viewing of ethnological collections
- visits to tourist farms (Tourist farm Pungračič, farm Korpič, Farm to Pintar's),
- tasting of goat cheese (Farm Bedrač)
- tasting of cullinary specialities from Haloze

For organised tourist groups we offer trained tourist guides. As an interesting detail we recomend the visit of the tourist zone Haloze – Zagorje.

In TIC Haloze we provide you with numerous informations. You can buy souvenirs and top haloze wines in our shop, also free use of internet is possible.

For more information please visit us in Tic Haloze or check our web page

Opening time:
Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 16:00
Saturday: 8:00 – 11:00 
GPS Northing (N) : 46,3443 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,9945 

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