Slovenia’s grand hiking trails

There are more than 7,000 km of well-marked trails across Slovenia’s hills and mountains. On the more difficult trails it is possible to enlist the help of experienced mountain guides. The uplands are best visited in spring, summer and autumn, but hiking in the valleys and on the mid-lying lands is fine all year round.

- The Slovenian Mountain Trail is the most popular mountain trail among both Slovene and foreign visitors to Slovenia’s mountains. It leads from Maribor over hills and mountains to the Adriatic Sea. It is marked with Knafelc blazes: a white point encircled by a red ring, and a small number 1.

- The mountains of Slovenia are also part of the Via Alpina, a transversal trail connecting eight Alpine countries from Monaco to Slovenia. It is marked with square signs bearing the inscription “Via Alpina” and its logo. Slovenia is crossed by two legs of the trail:

The Red Trail, which lasts ten days and has 14 stages, passing through the Karst, Nanos, Trnovo Forest, Porezen, the Julian Alps and Korensko Sedlo to Austria
The Purple Trail, which lasts seven days and has ten stages, passing across the Karavanke and through Jezersko in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps to Austria

- European Long-Distance Path E6 is the last section of the European long-distance path, and runs from the north to the south of Slovenia. The E6 Path ends by the sea in Strunjan. Walking the entire path takes approximately 20 days. The E6 path is marked by a yellow spot encircled by a red ring and the symbol E6.

- European Long-Distance Path E7 runs across Slovenia in a west–east direction and takes around 30 days to complete. The path continues in Hungary. The E7 path is marked by a yellow spot encircled by a red ring and the symbol E7.

- The Sub-Alpine Trail covers almost every part of Slovenia’s uplands, and takes you to new and emerging hiking centres and to less populated but extremely interesting parts of the sub-Alpine mountains and the hilly Dinaric area of Slovenia. Around 30 days are required to complete the trail.

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