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There are over 300 enchanting waterfalls in Slovenia. Many of them are listed as sites of natural interest. They are most numerous in the Soča River area and in Triglav National Park. The highest waterfall, Kloma, is 128 metres high, while the most frequently visited is the Savica fall by Lake Bohinj. The waterfall of Boka near Bovec is regarded as the most powerful, while the valley of Logarska dolina boasts the fine Rinka fall. The waterfalls can generally be visited throughout the year, although in winter some freeze.
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Waterfalls (60)
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MapPeričnik Waterfall,  Mojstrana

MapSavica Waterfall,  Ribčev Laz

MapDragonja Valley,  Popetre

MapGovic Waterfall,  Ukanc

MapSoča Gorge,  Kobarid

MapThe Rinka waterfall,  Logarska Dolina

MapAnk's waterfalls,  Jezersko

MapGrmečica Waterfall,  Nomenj

MapKlevevž,  Grič pri Klevevžu

MapKopiščnice Waterfall,  Kamniška Bistrica

MapMostnica waterfall,  Stara Fužina

MapOrglice waterfall,  Kamniška Bistrica

MapSeven waterfalls Slatuški slapovi in Dolenja Žetina under Blegoš,  Gorenja vas

MapStegovniški waterfall,  Jelendol

MapThe gully Zakojška grapa,  Zakojca

MapThe Iglica waterfall,  Bohinjska Bela

MapThe Palenk Waterfall,  Logarska Dolina

MapThe Rastovšek waterfall,  Logarska Dolina

MapTominčev waterfall,  Tržič

MapTufa tresholds on Otočec,  Otočec

MapWaterfall called slap Skočnik in Davča,  Davča

MapWaterfall Lomski slap in Jesenovec near Železniki,  Železniki

MapWaterfall Sušec in Ilirska Bistrica,  Ilirska Bistrica

MapWaterfalls Sovpat above Log nad Škofjo Loko,  Škofja Loka

MapBeri Waterfalls,  Poljubinj

MapBoka Waterfall,  Log Čezsoški

MapBožič Watrfall,  Črna na Koroškem

MapGlijun Stream,  Bovec

MapGloboški potok stream,  Žaga

MapGorejca stream,  Log pod Mangartom

MapGreat Gorge of the Soča River,  Soča

MapJavornik waterfalls,  Javorniški Rovt

MapKaluder Stream,  Log pod Mangartom

MapKatedrala (the Cathedral Waterfall),  Log pod Mangartom

MapKloma,  Trenta

MapKoritnica River,  Log pod Mangartom

MapKoseč Waterfalls,  Koseč

MapLimarica,  Trenta

MapMangrt Stream,  Strmec na Predelu

MapMožnica gorge,  Log pod Mangartom

MapPredelica Stream,  Strmec na Predelu

MapPrimeval forest with the waterfalls Veliki and Mali Šumik,  Maribor

MapRezman Waterfall,  Črna na Koroškem

MapSlatenik Stream,  Čezsoča

MapSoča Basins at Kršovec,  Kal-Koritnica

MapSource of the Soča River,  Trenta

MapSuhi potok - Dry Stream,  Trenta

MapSušec Stream,  Srpenica

MapThe Cuc Waterfall,  Luče

MapThe gully Kazarska grapa,  Bukovo



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