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Church of St. Thomas, Sveti Tomaž

Župnijski urad Sveti Tomaž, Sveti Tomaž 41, Sveti Tomaž, 2258 Tomaž pri Ormožu
++386 2 719 51 03
The Church of St. Thomas was built in the years 1715–1727 with the help of feudal donators: countess Elizabeth Saurau – Pethe, the barons of Muhr and the superintendent Gvido Starhemberg. In it, among other things, you can see frescos by Jakob Broll from the year 1894 and the church fittings from the beginning of the 20th century.
The church was consecrated in 1742. It has grand, stylistically advanced architecture, which, as one of the first in our territory, brings forth the uniform, centrally planned structure with its ground plan in the shape of a Greek cross and with a semi-domelike emphasised central area.  A bell tower is added to that nucleus on to the west side, while on the southeast there is the vestry with and an oratorio floor from the year 1874. Its exterior and spacious uniform interior are Baroque. The interior is covered in frescos by Jakob Broll from the year 1894, which were renovated by Franc Horvat 30 years later. The original Baroque fittings were not preserved, as all the fittings are modern with the exception of the baptistery, which originated in the years 1900–1907. There are five altars, the pulpit, the confessional, benches, the way of the cross and organs. The two-storey parish with six sets of three axes is from the years 1840 and 1885.

Župnijski urad Sveti Tomaž 
Sveti Tomaž 41 
Sveti Tomaž 
Tel. : ++386 2 719 51 03 

GPS Northing (N) : 46,4822 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,0785 
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Administrator : Javna razvojna agencija občine Ormož - TIC Ormož | ++386 2 741 53 56 |
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