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Pekrska gorca hill

Tourist destination Maribor - Pohorje
Ascend the 351 metre high hill, “Slovensko kalvarijo“ (Slovene Calvary), where you will be able to relax and enjoy the surrounding forests and vineyards (try the wine Pekrčan). At the top of Pekrska gorca stands a little church, where every Sunday you can attend mass. The Way of the Cross, with four beautifully renovated chapels, leads you up the eastern side to the church. From the top of the hill there is a unique view of the northern slope of Pohorje and the Maribor plain.

International ski-jumping competitions on Pekrska gorca

In 1955 a 60 m ski-jump, designed by engineer Stanko Bloudek, was erected on the north-eastern slope of Pekrska gorca. Until the 1970s international ski- jumping competitions took place here. At the beginning of the 1980 s the ski-jump was removed but the remains, in form of a concrete foundation, are still visible today.


Pekrska gorca is a geological peculiarity – it is an isolated tonalite hill, detached from the Pohorje tonalite massive, which rose to the surface at geological fault.

What does the legend say?

Legend says that Pekrska gorca arose due to the increasing loose living of the inhabitants of Maribor. God decided to punish the Mariborians and so he sent them the devil. The devil broke off part of the top on Pohorje because he wanted to stem the river Drava, so that the river would run over the dam and cause major floods in Maribor. On his way to Maribor the devil met the Mother of God. The devil was so frightened by this that he cast off his load and ran away into the night. On the spot where the devil's burden fell on the ground, Pekrska gorca arose. In gratitude to the Mother of God, the Mariborians in the years 1832 -1835 erected the little Church of Mary of Seven Sorrows on Pekrska gorca. There you can also see the vault Tscheligijeva grobnica.


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