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Slovenia’s roads and trails are ideal for biking. Every biker can find a route that suits. Families with children and recreational bikers can seek out quiet country roads with little traffic. Harder-core bikers who want to prove themselves can take on mountain passes, while mountain bikers can enjoy some of the most spectacular routes in this part of Europe.

Safe road biking

Biking is not allowed on express roads or motorways in Slovenia. On sections of regional roads with heavy traffic, you can generally find a parallel route on a smaller road with less traffic.
Drivers are generally tolerant of bikers, who are fully-fledged road users in their own right, but nevertheless for your own safety it is better to ride slightly closer to the kerb than the middle of the lane. For better visibility, the use of reflectors and lights is also advisable even during the day. Helmets must be worn by children aged 14 and under, but they are a good idea for everybody. In Slovenia the majority of bikers wear helmets.

Biking around nature

You can bike along forest roads at your own risk. The exceptions are private roads and roads marked as closed to bikers. Bikes are not allowed on forest and mountain trails. There are very strict regulations in Triglav National Park, where you can bike on certain macadam roads and bike lanes.

Taking bikes on the train

Although distances in Slovenia are relatively small for bikers, you can opt to take another means of transport for certain sections of your route. Travelling by a train on which you can take your bike is particularly practical.

Biking destinations

Some destinations are particularly attractive when biking around Slovenia. There are well-marked biking trails at these biking destinations, which additionally provide:
- maps of biking tours and biking trails
- dedicated accommodation for bikers (hotels, campsites and tourist farms)
- biking guides
- bike servicing centres

You can also hire a bike, and find out about other services for bikers at biking information points, of which there are more than 30 in Slovenia.

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