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The Unica river’s journey begins on the southern edge of one of the most beautiful and best-preserved Karst plateaus at the confluence of the Pivka and Malenščica. For many years one of the world’s best grayling waters in the world of fly-fishermen, the Unica winds its way several times back and forth across the whole width of Planinsko polje (valley), and thus it is as much as three times longer than the 6-kilometre long valley itself. Living conditions for fish are extremely good here. There are times between autumn and late spring when such are the volumes of water rising to the surface that the sinkholes cannot suck them all down below ground. At these times, much of Planinsko Polje is flooded for up to a month. In this way, the fish receive an additional source of food additional to their already well-stocked table.
There are no rainbow trout in the Unica. Thus, even the best fly-fishermen and local experts have to confess their weaknesses in the face of nature. But it richly still rewards its most faithful adherents for their fidelity. At Mayfly time and again in early summer, after the birth of stone-flies and caddis-flies, fly-fishermen from all over the world congregate here. This is the time when it is possible, in the early morning breaking of the day, when the first rays of the sun appear, to trick a trophy grayling. Alternatively, in the evening twilight, a trophy colourful brown trout. 

The Unica is managed in its entirety by:

ZZRS – the Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia

tel.: +386 1 244 34 00

GPS Northing (N) : 45,8211 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,2474 


Destination: Karst
Place: Planina
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