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Sora (Poljanska, Selška and common Sora)

Just like the Sava, the Sora is also born from two arms. The northern arm, the Selška Sora, is a stretch of water exceptionally well inhabited by trout, predominantly brown trout and rainbow trout. In its upper reaches in the Davča valley it is more reminiscent of a mountain stream, whereas at Železniki it becomes a respectable river. From here on, in addition to trout, the grayling is also present in certain parts.
The southern arm, the Poljanska Sora, has its source under the watershed of the Danube and Adriatic basins. Immediately below the source, it is possible to find not only the brown trout, but also the grayling. Throughout its length, the Poljanščica is ideal grayling water and also affords habitat for the huchen. The rapids, pools and channels are easily accessible, so that the river is fishable in its entirety. It is ideal for fly-fishing, especially grayling.
The two Soras come together in the centre of Škofja Loka. From here on, the Sora obtains its mixed character. The nase, barbel and chub are ever more frequent, while there are fewer salmonids. From here to the inflow into the Sava only the Danubian salmon persists, to whom the shoal coarse fish species are a welcome catch. 

The Poljanščica is managed by three organisations:

· from the source to Barbna žaga in Hotavlje:

RD Žiri – Žiri Fishing Club

tel.: +386 41 450 843

· from Barbna žaga in Hotavlje to the bridge between the dams at Log pod Volbenkom:

RD Visoko – Visoko Fishing Club

tel.: +386 41 598 999

· from the bridge between the dams at Log pod Volbenkom to the confluence with the Selščica:

RD Sora – Sora Fishing Club

tel.: +386 31 247 859
The Selščica is managed by two organisations:

· from the source to the former horse ford:

RD Železniki – Železniki Fishing Club

tel.: +386 4 514 74 79

· from the former horse ford to the confluence with the Poljanščica: RD Sora – Sora Fishing Club

The Sora is managed by two organisations:

· from the confluence of the Poljanščica and the Selščica to the dam in Goričane: RD Sora – Sora Fishing Club
· from the dam in Goričane to its inflow into the Sava:

RD Medvode – Medvode Fishing Club

tel.: +386 1 511 63 38, +386 51 306 216

GPS Northing (N) : 46,1391 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,4135 
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