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Soča, Lepenjica, Koritnica, Nadiža

The indigenous marble trout, in the turquoise blue pools of the Soča river, as high as its source in the Trenta valley in the heart of the Julian Alps, leaps for small flies in the evening twilight. Just below the village of So~a, it is joined by the Soča grayling, another kind of fish of the Adriatic river basin that are elsewhere very rare. Their populations are very healthy throughout the Soča watershed. The best fishing is to be had from June onwards after the snow melt waters bhave drained away until the end of the season. In spring, when the Soča runs opaque with green-white melt water, fishing in its tributaries of the Lepenjica, Koritnica and Nadiža, from whence snowy melt waters quickly drain, is more prominent. The gravel bottoms and pools of the Soča are easily accessible. Fishing is possible along most of its reach; only in Korita and the Canyon at Srpenica access is sometimes impossible. 

Three organisations manage fishing on the Soča:

· from its source to the bridge in Čezsoča:
Zavod za ribištvo Slovenije (ZZRS) – the Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia
tel.: +386 1 244 34 00

· from the bridge in Čezsoča to where it is joined by Vogršček stream:
Ribiška družina (RD) Tolmin – Tolmin Fishing Club
tel.: +386 5 381 17 10

· from where it is joined by Vogršček stream to the state border:
RD Soča – Soča Fishing Club
tel.: +386 5 300 58 01
Check the fishing rules and make an online purchase of fishing licenses at
· The Nadiža is managed throughout its length in Slovenia by RD Tolmin – Tolmin Fishing Club

· The entire Lepenjica by ZZRS – the Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia


GPS Northing (N) : 46,3294 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,6437 
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