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Slovenia prides beautiful and clear rivers offering numerous water sports and fishing. The sources of several rivers are considered a natural site well worth visiting and the same applies to the numerous river valleys. The Valley of the Soča River is the first European Destination of Excellence – EDEN – in Slovenia. You can admire the unstoppable power of Alpine rivers across the country, the temperate flatland rivers and the mystery of the Karst disappearing streams that have helped shape the diverse Karst underground, creating numerous caves. Some rivers and streams have shaped interesting natural bridges and riverbeds on the surface and natural river dams from tuff, which are a peculiarity of the Krka River in the Dolenjska Region.
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MapMostnica River,  Stara Fužina

MapBistrica Stream,  Bohinjska Bistrica

MapKotline na Kožbanjščku,  Neblo

MapKrčnik,  Kožbana

MapLake at the Source of the Kamniška Bistrica River,  Kamniška Bistrica

MapMineral water spring,  Zgornje Jezersko

MapQuicksilver spring,  Žiri

MapRiver and Canyon Ribnica,  Srednja vas v Bohinju

MapSavica Gorge,  Ukanc

MapSeven waterfalls Slatuški slapovi in Dolenja Žetina under Blegoš,  Gorenja vas

MapThe gully Zakojška grapa,  Zakojca

MapThe Intermittent Spring at Igla,  Solčava

MapTufa tresholds on Otočec,  Otočec

MapWaterfall called slap Skočnik in Davča,  Davča

MapWaterfall Lomski slap in Jesenovec near Železniki,  Železniki

MapWaterfalls Sovpat above Log nad Škofjo Loko,  Škofja Loka

MapDreta River,  Nazarje

MapJerečica River,  Jereka

MapKrka river,  Novo Mesto

MapSavinja River,  Ljubno ob Savinji

MapSteep Mountain Streem Ukanška Suha,  Ukanc

Jezernica spring

MapKokra spring,  Zgornje Jezersko

MapLjubljanica,  Vrhnika

Mura River

MapNadiža River,  Robič

MapPihovec stream,  Zagrad

MapRiver Krka,  Dolenjske Toplice

River Rinža

River Unica

MapSoca River,  Trenta

MapSoča River,  Bovec

MapSopota valley,  Sopota

MapStream Radešca,  Dolenjske Toplice

MapStream Sušica,  Dolenjske Toplice

MapThe gully Kazarska grapa,  Bukovo

MapThe source Jelševnik and Proteus Angunius from Bela krajina,  Jelševnik

MapTolmin Gorges,  Tolmin

MapTolminka River,  Zatolmin

MapWaterfall - Korošaški slapovi,  Klemenčevo

Waterfalls of the Kozjak stream

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Angling rivers and lakes (22)


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