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Slovenia is a green country and promotes green, i.e. environmentally friendly or ecological tourism. Around 60 percent of Slovenia is covered in deciduous and evergreen forests, making it the third most forested country in Europe. There is virgin forest just 60 kilometers from the capital city. Many forests feature interpretive trails. More than a third of Slovenia’s entire territory is ranked in the European network of nature protection areas, Natura 2000. The plant diversity is exceptional, with numerous cultured plants thriving in addition to forests, shrubbery and meadows. All the country’s regions are well suited for the grapevine.
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MapČrmošnjice fir tree (Črmošnjiška jelka),  RAJHENAV

MapGreater pasque flower (Pulsatilla grandis),  BOLETINA

MapThe Larch at the Klemenča Cave,  SOLČAVA

MapThe Solčava yew tree,  SOLČAVA

MapZejčarjev chesnut on Sveti Florjan close to Škofja Loka,  ŠKOFJA LOKA

MapErmenčeva Yew,  SAVINA

MapGiant pine,  RIBČEV LAZ


MapJerac column spruce tree,  SVIBNO


MapKolenčeva Linden,  LJUBNO OB SAVINJI

MapLime trees on Trška gora,  TRŠKA GORA


MapThe biggest spruce in the valley Poljanska dolina,  GORENJA VAS

MapThe Plesnik elm tree,  SOLČAVA

MapThe Vinomer birch trees,  METLIKA

MapTilia plathyphyllos Scop,  DOBRNA

MapTilia plathyphyllos Scop,  DOBRNA

MapTulip tree,  TOLMIN

MapVisočnikov Maple,  TER

MapWhere the Primula auricula Grows,  GOLO BRDO

MapLopata Primeval Forest,  UKANC

MapMagic Forest - thick trees,  RIBČEV LAZ

MapArboretum Volčji Potok,  VOLČJI POTOK

MapBlegoš above the Poljanska Valley (Poljanska dolina),  GORENJA VAS

MapFauna and flora of Logatec,  LOGATEC

MapFlower park,  MOZIRJE

MapGasper's chestnut tree,  MOČILNO

MapGodič - forest nature trail,  GODIČ

MapGrajski park Otočec,  OTOČEC

MapJuliana Alpine Botanical Garden in Trenta,  TRENTA

MapKette's walk,  NOVO MESTO

MapKranjski Sebenik (Erysimum Carniolicum),  RADEČE

MapKriški podi Plateau and lakes,  TRENTA

MapNatural park Strunjan,  STRUNJAN

MapPlant World of Pohorje,  MARIBOR

MapRadensko polje,  VELIKO MLAČEVO

MapRagov log,  NOVO MESTO

MapRake,  IDRIJA

MapRut Linden Tree,  RUT

MapThe lake of Kočevje,  KOČEVJE

The large fir tree - queen of Rog



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