Radio stations

Current information is broadcast in English and German by Radio Si - Radio Slovenia International – the first and only foreign language radio broadcast operating as part of the national RTV Slovenija network. Information in foreign languages is also provided by all three channels of Radio Slovenia, which is the national public station. These are Radio Slovenija 1, Radio Slovenija 2 - Val 202 and Radio Slovenija 3 - Ars.

Travel information

Broadcast on Radio Slovenia International every hour after the news through the day, and in July and August four times an hour in English and German.

On Val 202 in English, German and Italian after the news from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening. In July and August every weekend.

Weather forecast

On Radio Slovenia International through the day every hour after the news.

In July and August on all three national radio channels in English, German and Italian. The forecast comes at the end of the main information broadcasts, usually four times a day.


Broadcast on Radio Slovenia International every hour through the day, alternately in English and German.

On Radio Slovenija 1 every day at 10.30 pm in English and German.


Radio Slovenija 1 FM 88.5, 90.0, 91.8, 92.0, 92.9, 94.1, 96.4
Radio Slovenija 2 - Val 202 FM 87.8, 92.4, 93.5, 94.1, 95.3, 96.9, 97.6, 98.9, 99.9
Radio Slovenija 3- Ars FM 96.5, 100.6, 101.4, 102.0, 103.9, 105.3, 105.7
Radio Slovenia International - Radio Si FM 91.1, 93.4, 102.8

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