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The Mysterious Karst and Tourist Caves of Slovenia

11 June 2012
In cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board, the tourist organisations Postojnska jama d.d., the Škocjan Caves, the Lipica Stud Farm, all eleven municipalities from the regions of Brkini, Karst and Notranjska (Inner Carniola) and other tourist providers from this area, the Postojna Tourist Association has issued a publication entitled “The Mysterious KARST and Tourist Caves of Slovenia”, which is an important contribution to the quality tourist promotion of this part of Slovenia.

The editorials for the publication were written by two Slovenian academics, Dr. Andrej Kranjc and Dr. Matjaž Kmecl, the gastronomic addition is the work of Dr. Stanislav Renčelj and the remaining text was written by Tatjana Pregl Kobe. The publication was edited by Srečko Šajn and Lučka Letič and is enriched with many photographs taken by renowned photographers. Special value is also attributed to its central section, which provides information about the classic Karst and tourist caves of Slovenia over twenty pages. Furthermore, a detailed description of the seventeen most typical trips is provided, which will beckon you with their attractiveness; major events from this region are also presented.

The “Mysterious KARST and Tourist Caves of Slovenia” publication is the right guide for all major tour operators, tourist agencies, tourist representative offices abroad, delegations, major tourist organisations and the media. It was published in the A4 format and in six languages – Slovenian, English, German, Italian, French and Spanish – in the circulation of 60,000 copies.


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