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19 November 2015

Ski Resorts in Slovenia

Love has many colours, winter is one of them. Boasting an extraordinary winter sports tradition, Slovenia is a great destination for lovers of alpine and nordic skiing, ski touring, snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing, and other winter pursuits.Get to know them in a new publication ski centers in Slovenia, published by the Slovenian Tourist Board and the Chamber of Mountain Centers ... moreless ...
16 November 2015

Healthy Waters

You are invited to discover the inspiration for the good life when reading the new publication Healthy Waters, Slovenian Natural Spas. The Slovenian Tourist Board, in corporation with the Slovenian Spas Association, published new edition in Slovenian, English, German, Russian, Croatian and Italian language. Healthy waters are the stories of Slovenian natural spas. Stories of ... moreless ...
11 June 2012

The Mysterious Karst and Tourist Caves of Slovenia

In cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board, the tourist organisations Postojnska jama d.d., the Škocjan Caves, the Lipica Stud Farm, all eleven municipalities from the regions of Brkini, Karst and Notranjska (Inner Carniola) and other tourist providers from this area, the Postojna Tourist Association has issued a publication entitled “The Mysterious KARST and Tourist Caves of Slovenia”, which is an important contribution to the quality tourist promotion ... moreless ...
8 June 2012

Hiking in Slovenia

In cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board, the “Hiking and Cycling” Economic Interest Grouping (EIG) has issued a revised catalogue entitled “Hiking in Slovenia”. Its 64 pages describe the key trans-Slovenian trails, including the new Alpe Adria Trail, which runs from Grossglockner to Trieste. Hiking destinations are presented with two or three hiking trails each, all marked with QR codes for downloading information about the trails onto smart mobile phones. Several programme packages for several-day hikes along ... moreless ...
26 March 2012

Ski resorts in Slovenia

After several years, the Chamber of Mountain Centres and the Slovenian Association of Ski Lift Operators again issued the “Ski Resorts in Slovenia” catalogue, published in Slovene and with a total circulation of 5,000 copies. In cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board, the catalogue was also prepared in foreign languages and issued in February this year, with a total circulation of 50,000 copies, i.e. in Croatian (10,000 copies), Serbian (10,000 copies), Russian (10,000 copies) and English (20,000 copies). The ... moreless ...
20 December 2011

Travel Agent's Manual 2012

The Slovenian Tourism Board has published a handbook for tourist agencies entitled ‘Travel Agent's Manual 2012’, the content of which is intended for the expert public in the tourism industry. The manual was printed in a total of 17,000 copies, 8,000 of which are in English, 5,000 in German, 2,000 in Italian and another 2,000 in French. The manual was presented at the World Travel Market in London. The manual gathers useful general information about Slovenia, highlights the key tourism products and includes a large number of ... moreless ...
19 December 2011

2012 Private Accommodation Catalogue

The 2012 Private Accommodation Catalogue has now been published. The Catalogue presents providers of accommodation in apartments, tourist rooms, holiday homes, boarding houses, guesthouses, tourist farms, small hotels, vineyard cottages and providers of complementary tourist offer from across Slovenia. The Private Accommodation Catalogue is published by the Institute “Hospitality of Slovenian Homes” (Zavod Gostoljubnost slovenskih domov or, in short, Zavod GSD) in cooperation with the ... moreless ...
19 December 2011

I feel Proud

The leaflet was published in 2011 upon the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence (1991-2011) as an invitation for all Slovenians living abroad and their friends, acquaintances and relatives to visit Slovenia. Slovenia, as an extremely small country, offers a remarkable amount, which is something to be proud of. Such is also the title of the leaflet – I FEEL PROUD. The leaflet presents basic information about Slovenia, information on accessibility, a touch of history and facts based on which Slovenia is worth visiting. A total ... moreless ...
19 December 2011

Slovenian Natural Health Resorts and Spas

The Slovenian Tourist Board, in cooperation with the Natural Health Resorts Association of Slovenia, reproduced the catalogue: Slovenian Natural Health Resorts and Spas in an A4 format in 50,000 copies; 17,500 of them were in German, 17,500 in Italian, 5,000 in Croatian, 5,000 in Russian and 5,000 in English. The catalogue includes information about 15 Slovenian health resorts and features general descriptions, information on accommodation, medical services and wellness services, ... moreless ...
30 September 2011

Friendly countryside

The Slovenian Tourist Farm Association, in cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board, has recently issued the 8th Slovenian tourist farms catalogue »FRIENDLY COUNTRYSIDE« with a total circulation of 85.000 copies, of which, 18.000 are in Slovene, 19.000 in German, 22.000 in English, 12.000 in Italian, 9.000 in French and 5.000 copies in Croatian. The project is also supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia, who provided indispensable technical assistance. The 68 ... moreless ...

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