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Slovenian Tourism in Numbers 2008


Statistical data (source of the Statistical Office of the RS) from 2008 onward are invalid due to the change in data collection methodology (break in time series).

1. Number of overnight stays and arrivals of domestic and foreing tourist
2. Dynamics of the number of overnight stays of foreign and domestic tourists in slovenia
3. Top ten countries by number of overnight stays in slovenia in 2008
4. Share od the number of overnight stays of tourists in slovenia by country of origin
5. Number of overnight stays of foreign tourists by months in 2007 and 2008
6. Accomodation capacity of overnight stays by accomodation establishments in 2008
7. Top 15 municipalities by number of overnight stays of foreign tourists
8. Monthly hotel occupancy by categories
9. Number of visitors of by country of origin and percentage of change
10. Number of clicks on by certain contents
11. Number of bookings made via the booking sistem and percentage of change
12. Sources of information on tourists destinations used by italians
13. Change in the number of arrivals by contitents
14. Change in the number of arrivas compared to 2000
15. Travel and tourism competitiveness index, results for slovenia in 2007 and 2008
16. Slovenia as seen by foreign tour operators
17. Average daily expenditure of Italians, Germans and Austrians in slovenia
18. Reasons for visiting slovenia - Italians, Austrians and Germans
19. Number of overnight stays in Ljubljana since 2003
20. Business forcast for sep-dec 2008
21. Assessment of the financial sistem and nature of investments in slovenia
22. Reasons for increasing demand for slovenia in 2008
23. Change in winter holiday plans among slovenes (07/08 and 08/09)
24. Change in the organization of winter holidays among slovenes (07/08 and 08/09)
25. Planned holidays in 2009 among european citizens
Slovenian Tourism in Numbers 2008




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