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Slovenian Tourism in Numbers 2006


1. Number of overnight stays and arrivals of local and foreign tourists
2. Top ten countries based on the number of overnight stays in Slovenia in 2006
3. Comparison of income from exported travel products in 2005 and 2006 in 000’s EUROS
4. Proportion of overnight stays of all tourists per municipalities (top ten and others)
5. Where did Slovenes travel in year 2006?
6. Expenditure by Slovenes on holidays in 2006
7. Number of pages visited on per month in 2004,2005 and 2006 and total number visitors in 2006
8. Frequency of visits to the web pages according to the reasons for the visit
9. Probability of a further visit to Slovenia based on a first subsequent visit
10. Importance of web reservations for those that will definitely visit Slovenia in the next 12 months
11. Probability of a further visit to Slovenia by foreign golfers
12. Average evaluation (1-5) of their stay in Slovenia by foreign cyclists , according to the elements indicated
13. Relationship between the importance and satisfaction with elements which effected the decision of hikers to visit Slovenia
14. Comparison of average daily expenditure by tourists in Slovenia according to products
15. Sources of information on Slovenia according to the holiday type
16. Importance of elements which effect the selection of a destination for a congress
17. Visits to tourist information centers in summer seasons 2004, 2005,2006 according to the country of the visitor
18. Average monthly price of rooms in Slovenian hotels in 2006 according to the hotel type
19. Number of overnight stays per month in 2006, in Slovenian hotels (by category), by tourists from selected countries
20. Visits to the Slovenian health resorts in 2006 according to tourists country or orgin
21. Number of visits to Slovenian ski resorts on annual basis
22. Hotel occupancy per month in 2006

Slovenian Tourism in Numbers 2006




Turizem v številkah 2009



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