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Slovenian Tourism in Numbers 2005


1. Number of overnight stays by domestic and foreign tourists
2. Structure of tourists according to the share of overnight stays in Slovenia in 2005
3. Change in the number of arrivals of some foreign tourists and overnight stays in the year 2005 compared to the year 2004 and their market share in relation to the number of overnight stays by all foreign tourists in slovenia in the year 2005
4. Change in incomes from travel export in Slovenia between 2004 and 2005 according to the areas of world
5. Importance of factors to foreign tourists visiting tourist attractions for their visit to Slovenia
6. Influence of the internet in searching for information while deciding to visit Slovenia and the average mark
7. Reasons for visiting the web page and the frequency of visis to the web page
8. Number of pages visited monthly on and the number of visitors in 2005
9. Purpose of visiting slovenia and influence of the web page
10. Main reasons for visiting Slovenia by the side of German, English, French and American airline passengers
11. Main reasons for visiting Slovenia according to the kind of airline carrier
12. Visits to tics in the summer season according to country
13. Structure of mediation of information to the visitors of tics June - September 2005 and 2004
14. Average degrees of occupancy of accommodation facilities
15. Number of all tourists' overnight stays in the year 2005 by tourist subregion
16. Municipalities according to the largest number of overnight stays in the year 2005
17. Display of growth in the number of actual overnight stays in Ljubljana since 1998
18. Number of overnight stays created at hotels according to the number of stars among domestic and foreign tourists
19. Number of overnight stays at hotels according to individual year 2000 - 2004
20. Business income per overnight stays, business expenditures per overnight stays, and business results per overnight stays for hotel
Industry in the period 2000 - 2004
21. Importance of the 'security' factor among foreign tourists in selecting slovenia as a tourist destination
22. Importance of factors in deciding to visit Slovenia according to the countries of origin of those surveys

Slovenian Tourism in Numbers 2005




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