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Tourism in Slovenia 2014

Short overview of tourism in Slovenia in past year 2014, based on monthly data. Analysis consists of basic data about Slovenian tourism, overnights structure by types of municipalities and tourist establishments and also Slovenian tourism competitiveness indexes till 2013.

Tourism in Slovenia, 2014
Slovenian Tourism in Numbers 2012
Slovenian Tourism In Numbers is an annual publication published by the Research and Development Department of SPIRIT Slovenia (Slovenian Tourist Board). It was first published in 2002 and is based primarily on the annual statistical data on tourism turnover gathered and published by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia.

In 2012, for the second year running, tourist accommodation facilities recorded the most arrivals and overnight stays by tourists to date. Tourist accommodation facilities recorded 3,297,556 tourist arrivals and 9,510,663 overnight stays in 2012. The total number of tourists in 2012 was 3% higher than the year before, with 1% more overnight stays. It was mainly the number of overnight stays by foreign tourists that increased, namely by 6%. Economic events and the socio-political situation in Slovenia affected the number of domestic guests, whose arrivals have diminished by 3%, while overnight stays fell by 5%. The average duration of a tourist’s stay in 2012 was 2.9 days (it was 2.7 days for foreign tourists and 3.3 days for domestic tourists).

Almost two thirds of overnight stays by tourists in 2012 were realised by foreign tourists. The most overnight stays were realised in the Piran Municipality, followed by the municipalities of Ljubljana, Brežice, Bled and Moravske Toplice. Tourists in Slovenia had more than 43,000 rooms or apartments with almost 122,000 beds available in 2012.





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