Categorization of Accommodation Facilities

On 1 January 2009, the Rules on categorization of the accommodation facilities came into force (Uradni list RS (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia), no. 62/08), which introduce a new and modern system for the categorization of accommodation facilities in Slovenia. The aim of its introduction is to ensure the highest possible quality of services.

The categorization of accommodation facilities is obligatory. From 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2009 all existent accommodation facilities had to be categorized anew.

In order to facilitate the categorization procedure, the e-categorization web application is available, also in Slovenian. The procedure starts with registration and sign-in. If there are many different types of accommodation in a single accommodation facility, the registration and the whole procedure must be carried out for each individual type (apartment, room etc.)

The E-categorization application consists of three parts:
the record sheet (general information about the accommodation facility and types of accommodation),
the categorization sheet (criteria, which are met by the accommodation type),
the report (the system calculates the category achieved).

The categorization procedure is successfully completed when the report is saved.

The successfully completed categorization must be printed, signed (stamped, if needed) and stored in the accommodation facility.

Since the rules on categorization define the self-assessment procedure (1–3 stars and apples) and the assessment procedure (higher stars and apple categories), the application was adapted accordingly. The evaluator receives a special password during sign-in that a traditional user does not need.

The system also allows trial verification of the suitability of criteria in a certain category in the form of trial categorization, which, however, cannot replace regular categorization. Trial categorization must be selected during the registration process.

Trial categorization is not formal categorization and is intended only as assistance for the verification of quality for accommodation facilities. New registration is required for formal categorization and the whole procedure must be carried out anew.

The web application is available at

The Explanations for the Use of Electronic Sheets offer further assistance.

The rules on categorization define that all accommodation facilities up to three stars or apples can be self-assessed and that accommodation facilities of higher categories must be assessed by professional evaluators (four- or five-star hotel and camp, four- or five-star hotel and superior ranking, four-star motel, boarding house and guesthouse, four-star apartment – vacation-home and resort house, four-star room, farm with four-apple accommodation).

Evaluators are professionals in the field of tourism with many years of experience and proper training in assessing accommodation facilities.

Each accommodation facility chooses its evaluator according to its own judgement from the registry of evaluators and makes an appointment for the assessment of accommodation facility.

Registry of Evaluators

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