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Climate change is a new challenge that poses more threats to global tourism than opportunities, and heralds a regional, seasonal and product redistribution of tourist flows. Consumer behaviour is rapidly changing, with tourists increasingly seeking green, responsible destinations. During the period of climate and economic crisis we must study new development opportunities for tourism and the possibility that tourism can become part of the green economy. In advanced tourism services, sustainable forms of tourism are becoming the essential orientation for further development, since only this kind of tourism, which is based on the economic success of tourism business and is at the same time kind and constructive towards the natural, cultural and social environment, can also be competitive in the future.

, based on
four basic principles (UNWTO): environmental, social, economic and climate (i.e. the “quadruple bottom line” of sustainable tourism). Green tourism minimises the environmental impact of tourism and maximises its adaptation to climate change.

At the Slovenian Tourist Board
(STB) we are now committed to ensuring that what is green and sustainable permeates every activity of ours in the future. We are committed to the preservation of forests, water, the sea and other natural assets to the greatest possible extent. Our mission in the area of green tourism is to inform participants in tourism about the importance of climate change and the impact on tourism, and about changes in the market, while encouraging action in the area of adapting to and mitigating climate change. The key strategic orientations of green tourism undeniably include the active orientation of tourism towards the green economy, providing information and incentives for the tourist economy to develop green models of operation, incentives for destinations to establish models of sustainable development based on standard indicators, and raising awareness among tourists to adopt more sustainable lifestyles and environmentally friendly behaviour of their own.

We support the communication of green tourism through the positional slogan SLOVENIA GREEN.


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